2) Join a Movement of Believers Praying (and Intervening) for Somalia

Are you tired of hearing about Somalia being a haven for violent criminals and recruitment of new terrorists? Want to stop piracy on the high seas once and for all, replacing it with hearts full of love for a Savior? Do you wish you knew how to pray for hope for Somalis throughout the region of the Horn of Africa, but you just haven’t quite known what to pray? Now you can know for certain. Join a movement of others who have decided enough pain is enough. Stand shoulder to shoulder with a new generation of workers committed to bringing a new peace to a generation of children who have missed their entire childhood and who have missed an entire lifetime of normal education. Register today for the Somali Summit at Owensboro Christian Church in Owensboro, Kentucky, staged in partnership with Team Expansion. Learn more and register at…


This is a two-day event, May 17-18, and the cost, including two delicious lunches and the entire program (including a special secure guest speaker from the Horn of Africa, is just $49 per person. (These people obviously aren’t in it for the money.)

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