8) At Your Next Missions Event, Show the Wall of Unreached Peoples

You’d be shocked at how affordable it is to exhibit all 7000 unreached peoples on one linear “Wall” (of pop-up displays). This wall is configured in black, prompting some to compare the exhibit to the Vietnam Memorial. Of course, that exhibit commemorates soldiers who have already fallen. By contrast, the Wall of Unreached Peoples seeks to raise awareness of the roughly 7,000 different ethnolinguistic groups in nations all over the globe. The exhibit is relatively easy to set up and tear down. The only costs involved are a) a recommended love offering of $250 (which basically covers repairs and replacement parts, as well as the costs of replacing the Wall once it needs refreshed. (The Wall has been traveling full-time since July 2011 and throughout that entire time, no one has made any profit or fundraising off of it. All the funds are plowed back into the exhibit itself as needed.) and the cost of shipping the wall on to the next destination. If you work with a few churches in your area, you can save big-time on shipping. For more information and to make a reservation, visit…


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