2 Responses to 6) What Have You Heard about the 2019 “Cross” Conference?
  1. David M. Reply

    CROSS is the real deal. Focused on strong biblical doctrine, a call to commit to reaching UPGs-UUPGs, a healthy view of the role of the local church is developing, sending, shepherding missionary workers. A counter-point to other conferences which major on just being a Christian wherever you are, or a mega-music-worship conference for young adults. CROSS is for serious-minded young world Christians. Lots of resources and helpful agencies and schools represented. Unsurpassed line-up of speakers with powerful messages. If student missions conferences had the same focus and call to commitment, including the role of the sending church, the whole landscape of missions would be better, the task closer to finished, and avoidable attrition problems almost eliminated.
    Send your college and young adults to CROSS; it might just change the vision for missions across your entire ministry.

  2. Christina Reply

    CROSS is a much more intentional Urbana. Urbana seeks to mobilize college students into being missional in a wide sphere, whereas CROSS specifically focuses on getting the gospel to where the gospel is not (unreached people groups!) That commitment is reflected in the speakers to the exhibitors and everything in between. It has previously been held the week between Christmas and New Years in 2013 and 2016, so this new time is a departure from the normal course (one year early, but a week later due to it being an Urbana year). They’ve dropped the price quite a bit for it to be more accessible to young people, and presumably, to be more competitive with the Urbana crowd, which is significantly more expensive.

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