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2018/05/06 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Travel Safety Training For Anyone, Anywhere!
2) Community Development “Tooth Decay Treatment” for Missionaries
3) Ramadan Begins Soon: Pray for 15 min/day During the 30-Day Fast
4) Lausanne Has a New Website for North America and It’s Cool
5) 5 Principles of Community Building in Virtual Reality
6) New Book Helps You Engage the Church in Missionary Mobilization
7) How to Get People Praying for Your Church
8) Join Others in Praying for Bosnia and See a Nation Change for Him
9) This 24-Hour Event in Orlando Gets You Ready for the Diaspora
10) Pick up an Updated Edition of a Classic “Diary of Private Prayer”
11) Whenever I Feel Dumb, I Read “The Expansion of Ignorance”
12) Traveling with a Global South Leader is Like Getting a Doctorate
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: We Love this Testimony about Multiplying Disciples
15) Closing Stuff

1) Travel Safety Training For Anyone, Anywhere!

Morton Security is once again providing best in class security and safety training to faith-based organizations in an efficient and cost-effective way, as they have over the past decade. Their new training program allows for multiple organizations to pool resources to choose convenient locations, dates and even the cost associated with hard to come by training. Check out their offering at


2) Community Development “Tooth Decay Treatment” for Missionaries

Here’s a one-day workshop that seems ideal for training nationals. It’s super simple. Pick up the next class either June 11, June 12 or June 13: your choice. You can arrange private classes too. The entire dental kit costs just $50 and treats over 500 teeth. The sponsoring body is the Institute of Biblical Community Development, OK. To learn more, visit…


The folks at Dental Care for All are excited about stories like this one…


which highlights a news story on PBS about this technique which ran this past January 3rd. For more information, email Gerry at…
Gerryatdentalcareforalldotorg or call him at (956)-280-1708.

3) Ramadan Begins Soon: Pray for 15 min/day During the 30-Day Fast

Now you can sign up for 15 minutes a day to pray for Muslims worldwide during their 30-day fast called Ramadan. You’ll learn more about their beliefs and stand shoulder to shoulder with tens of thousands of others in the Pray4Tunisia network. Learn more at…


There’s a cool app that allows you to sign up to pray in a 15-minute slot that nobody else has taken, thereby insuring round-the-clock prayer for Muslims worldwide.

4) Lausanne Has a New Website for North America and It’s Cool

What would a really cool website look like if Lausanne did it right for North America? Now we know. It would look like this:


You might guess — this has Ed Stetzer’s name written all over it. (He’s now the Lausanne Regional Director for North America. I don’t know how much they pay him to do that, but whatever it is, it’s probably worth every Starbucks Coffee gift card of it.) We love these kinds of efforts in which the Lausanne Movement is being contextualized for the respective region. (Isn’t that what we’d want Lausanne to be doing, for Pete’s sake?) Well done, Ed.

5) 5 Principles of Community Building in Virtual Reality

Augmented & Virtual Reality are the latest technology revolution. Want to try to leverage this new tech for the Kingdom? Join others who want to do the same on May 23 at 8:00 AM Pacific (GMT -7.0) with innovation leader DJ Soto. DJ created the first virtual reality church and recently appeared on Good Morning America. You’ll also meet 30 other leaders and share your interest in AR/VR. Learn more and register here at…


7) How to Get People Praying for Your Church

Looking for a way to get people praying for your church? Try the book, “Pray the Word for Your Church,” by Ty King. See it at…


It provides 31 powerful Scripture-based prayers that will help you focus on the things that are on God’s heart for His Church. These are more than just written prayers. Each prayer is designed to stimulate you to go further into prayer than you ever have before. It also includes a 21-page “Praying for My Church Community Journal” that provides space to organize and record your own prayers for specific ministries and people in your church.

8) Join Others in Praying for Bosnia and See a Nation Change for Him

A group of 30 followers of Jesus from around the world desire to see churches and disciples multiply in Bosnia. Towards that goal, they created Pray4Bosnia.com to engage faithful prayers among the global body of Christ. Will you join them in this initiative? The highest priority for involvement is promoting Pray4Bosnia.com in local churches, starting monthly prayer groups, OR receiving (daily/weekly/biweekly) emails from Pray4Bosnia.com. Ready to take the next step?


9) This 24-Hour Event in Orlando Gets You Ready for the Diaspora

What happens when a tribe or people group oozes out of its homeland and begins to spread to other nations (maybe all over the world)? Some people call it a diaspora — like the way the Jews spread out over the world when they didn’t have a homeland. Well its happening today. Some people estimate that migrant peoples now account for a global population of 60 million. Whoa. So the question is — “How diaspora ready are you?” That’s the idea behind this 24-hour event in Orlando. It will help you prepare. Participants will focus on topics such as leadership, personnel, organizational Structure, and networks and partnerships. Learn more at…

This is one of the Missio Nexus events in its “24” series but unfortunately does NOT feature Kiefer Sutherland.

10) Pick up an Updated Edition of a Classic “Diary of Private Prayer”

In 1936, famed theologian Dr. John Baillie compiled a batch of personal prayers for people who were seeking a better understanding of God and themselves. Organized by morning and evening (with special prayers for Sundays), he assembled “A Diary of Private Prayer” with eloquence, piety, and directness. He managed to blend praise and meditative thoughts about God with a concern for the social and individual good. Now, Editor Susanna Wright has updated this classic with modern, accessible language. Nice. In fact, it’s practically MADE as a gift. See it and learn more at…


11) Whenever I Feel Dumb, I Read “The Expansion of Ignorance”

Did you ever have that moment when you felt really stupid? You know… Someone uses a word and you think to yourself, “I’ve never used that word in my entire life.” That kind of thing happens to me (Doug) all the time. Whenever I start feeling that way, I like to read this essay:


Because at least it helps me realize I’m not the only clueless people around. The author, Kevin Kelly, is the founder of Wired Magazine. He’s well-published and some would say he’s really smart. Yet, his conclusion is — really none of us is. The more we learn about life, the most questions we have about the future.

My conclusion after reading “The Expansion of Ignorance” is that God is the only source of wisdom. We better read HIS book if we want to be smart.

12) Traveling with a Global South Leader is Like Getting a Doctorate

These two weeks, I (Doug) get the chance to travel on a multi-city tour with a super-smart leader from the Global South. If you’ve ever wanted to seem really smart, the secret is to introduce people to someone else who is smarter than yourself. That way, people realize that you are aware you really aren’t the smartest. So — here I go… Chicago, to Indy, to Louisville to Evansville, to St. Louis, to Kansas City, to Wichita, to Tulsa, and beyond. My goal? Help this Global South leader change the world. And by doing that, the world will be a better place. Obviously, it’s no fun to be have one’s schedule disrupted, be away from family, watch one’s inbox fill up with emails that demand immediate attention, and lose dental retainers. But the payout is — global friendship, serious progress on the Great Commission, and a lot of life lessons solved by hearing from, well, someone really smart. Yesterday he taught me this proverb from his native language: “50 lemons among 50 men is a thing of beauty. 50 lemons on one man’s back is a burden.” Yup. He’s really smart. : )

13) We’re Grateful for…

…a $100 gift from Morton Security to help speed Brigada on its way to thousands of participants all over the world. Learn more about Morton Security at www.mortonsecure.com .
…a $30 gift from Great Commission Support Ministry. We’re grateful for your partnership!

Want to join them in boosting Brigada out to thousands of screens in nations all over the world? If so, just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!

14) The Last Bit: We Love this Testimony about Multiplying Disciples

While recently searching for an illustration, we came across this testimony, entitled, “Multiplying Disciples in Student Led Movements.” The piece describes the impact of a young lady named Jasmine who lives in southeast Asia. It chronicles what happens after she came to Christ and began taking seriously the mandate to multiply. She went through multiple levels of training with Cru until she finally joined their staff full-time. She talks about her Bible reading, prayer, and facilitating three-thirds discipleship meetings. She’s also constantly modeling, assisting others, and watching (insuring) their faithfulness. She gets all her discipleship groups together for integration and evaluation once a month. Take a look at the people whose lives have been impacted by Jasmine’s walk with Christ.

Please take a moment to find Jasmine’s name in the middle of this generational diagram (see link below for full size picture). Then work your way out, one color at a time, to see the generations of believers who have learned to walk with Christ because of her life. First find the red generation (gen 1), then the yellow (gen 2), then the green (gen 3), then the light brown (gen 4) and even the purple people (gen 5), the dark blue (gen 6) and the magenta folks (gen 7). This is one young lady who took her faith seriously. Please dream with us about a day when this is the norm for all of us. Please — let’s not just dream — let’s pray and do, the best we can. THIS would be such a cool “look” for a church, an org, a movement, and a nation. May God please help us make it so. (You can read the entire piece with more details at the original site…


Thanks Cru. Well done.

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