11) Whenever I Feel Dumb, I Read “The Expansion of Ignorance”

Did you ever have that moment when you felt really stupid? You know… Someone uses a word and you think to yourself, “I’ve never used that word in my entire life.” That kind of thing happens to me (Doug) all the time. Whenever I start feeling that way, I like to read this essay:


Because at least it helps me realize I’m not the only clueless people around. The author, Kevin Kelly, is the founder of Wired Magazine. He’s well-published and some would say he’s really smart. Yet, his conclusion is — really none of us is. The more we learn about life, the most questions we have about the future.

My conclusion after reading “The Expansion of Ignorance” is that God is the only source of wisdom. We better read HIS book if we want to be smart.

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