12) Traveling with a Global South Leader is Like Getting a Doctorate

These two weeks, I (Doug) get the chance to travel on a multi-city tour with a super-smart leader from the Global South. If you’ve ever wanted to seem really smart, the secret is to introduce people to someone else who is smarter than yourself. That way, people realize that you are aware you really aren’t the smartest. So — here I go… Chicago, to Indy, to Louisville to Evansville, to St. Louis, to Kansas City, to Wichita, to Tulsa, and beyond. My goal? Help this Global South leader change the world. And by doing that, the world will be a better place. Obviously, it’s no fun to be have one’s schedule disrupted, be away from family, watch one’s inbox fill up with emails that demand immediate attention, and lose dental retainers. But the payout is — global friendship, serious progress on the Great Commission, and a lot of life lessons solved by hearing from, well, someone really smart. Yesterday he taught me this proverb from his native language: “50 lemons among 50 men is a thing of beauty. 50 lemons on one man’s back is a burden.” Yup. He’s really smart. : )

2 Responses to 12) Traveling with a Global South Leader is Like Getting a Doctorate
  1. Laurie K Reply

    Doug, when will you be in Indy?

  2. Editor Reply

    Hi Laurie. We finished Indy last Tuesday. So sorry we missed you! But thanks for asking!

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