14) The Last Bit: We Love this Testimony about Multiplying Disciples

While recently searching for an illustration, we came across this testimony, entitled, “Multiplying Disciples in Student Led Movements.” The piece describes the impact of a young lady named Jasmine who lives in southeast Asia. It chronicles what happens after she came to Christ and began taking seriously the mandate to multiply. She went through multiple levels of training with Cru until she finally joined their staff full-time. She talks about her Bible reading, prayer, and facilitating three-thirds discipleship meetings. She’s also constantly modeling, assisting others, and watching (insuring) their faithfulness. She gets all her discipleship groups together for integration and evaluation once a month. Take a look at the people whose lives have been impacted by Jasmine’s walk with Christ.

Please take a moment to find Jasmine’s name in the middle of this generational diagram (see link below for full size picture). Then work your way out, one color at a time, to see the generations of believers who have learned to walk with Christ because of her life. First find the red generation (gen 1), then the yellow (gen 2), then the green (gen 3), then the light brown (gen 4) and even the purple people (gen 5), the dark blue (gen 6) and the magenta folks (gen 7). This is one young lady who took her faith seriously. Please dream with us about a day when this is the norm for all of us. Please — let’s not just dream — let’s pray and do, the best we can. THIS would be such a cool “look” for a church, an org, a movement, and a nation. May God please help us make it so. (You can read the entire piece with more details at the original site…


Thanks Cru. Well done.

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