14) The Last Bit: Maybe I’m Finally Getting the Honor-Shame Thing

Just when I thought I’d never quite understand the whole honor-shame themes, I travel these past two weeks with a Christian ministry leader from East Africa. We had HOURS in the truck to talk as we ventured down highways and biways and he was SO patient to help me grapple with this theme and others. And just when I started to pick it up, … Can you believe it? Here’s a cool new map that lets you discover geographically which countries lean more toward shame, or guilt, or fear as a motivator. Someone invested a lot of time in this.


This map visualizes data from 25,000 visits to “The Culture Test,” previously highlighted here in Brigada. It not only provides a snapshot overview of global culture types, but also allows for deeper research into each country. Where does YOUR country land in the color spectrum of shame, honor, guilt, and fear?

You can learn more about these themes by visiting …


or by reading the book, The 3DGospel.


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