2) Could Narrative Replace PowerPoint?

Amazon’s Founder and CEO believes so. His 2018 annual letter repeated his rule banning Powerpoint from all executive meetings. Why, you might ask? We’ve prepared a PowerPoint to explain — just kidding. It won’t actually take that long. He believes that a) Our brains are hardwired for narrative, b) Stories are more persuasive, and c) Bullet points are the least effective way of sharing ideas. (Now what were those bullet points again?) Learn more at…


3 Responses to 2) Could Narrative Replace PowerPoint?
  1. Julia Schmoyer Reply

    I think you miswrote here; you may mean that the CEO has banned PowerPoint at all exec meetings, but you wrote that the CEO has banned Amazon at all meetings. It would be kind of funny for the CEO to bann his very company from company meetings… :-p

  2. Roland Muller Reply

    From the title I thought there was a new Powerpoint program called Narrative, and I started googling for it. I like to use powerpoint to present a picture, so that I can tell the story with a setting. If I can show a picture of a my Bedouin friend sitting in a tent, and then tell his story, it is much more powerful. Powerpoint AND narative are the way to go. I agree, get rid of the bullet points, and tell stories, but don’t throw powerpoint out!

  3. Editor Reply

    Julia, you were right. We indeed had mixed up the sentence with a typo. Please forgive. We’ve now repaired it to read correctly, thanks to you.

    Roland, that’s a helpful way of looking at it. (Although we’re sorry our paragraph sent you down the trail of looking for “Narrative.” : )

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