1) Drum roll please: Jerry Trousdale’s Next Book Almost “live”

Could we get a drum roll please? Jerry Trousdale’s new book, “The Kingdom Unleashed,” is all but ready to go global. Check it out at…


once it goes live. There will also be a website at…


Everything should launch this week. Exciting stuff. May God bless this new and exciting lense on global church growth.

3 Responses to 1) Drum roll please: Jerry Trousdale’s Next Book Almost “live”
  1. Raul Mock Reply

    I’m confused: is this different from the 2015 book published by Thomas Nelson? https://www.thomasnelson.com/the-kingdom-unleashed
    This book has a different cover (with the same style) and a different subtitle.
    The link to the Amazon page has the 2015 cover.

  2. Marti Wade Reply

    I’m interested in the answer to this question, too. I can’t find my copy of the first book with this title but vaguely remember it. Best guess is they purchased/arranged with TN for the rights to revise and republish it but aren’t making that clear? Preview on Amazon suggests introductions, etc.

    With so many fairly similar books about people movements available, I’m not sure what to recommend to whom.

  3. Paul Filidis Reply

    Thomas Nelson has canceled the publishing of the printed book

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