10) “Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global” Book is a Great Read

Just finished reading a review copy of “Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global,” by Andy Johnson (forward by David Platt) and you know, it’s a great introduction for any local church. We’ve been looking for a book like this. I mean — think about it. In a small paperback, how does one introduce the whole shooting match of missions? This book does a decent job of summarizing the whole thing. It starts with laying the biblical foundations, then helps you get your house in order at the local level. It covers how to send and support well, how to develop good partnerships (at the regional, national, and international level). It does a fairly good job of guiding the church through developing relationships with agencies, how to do its part in raising up and preparing new recruits, AND it has a great chapter on “reforming short-term missions.” : ) It also embarks on “engaging the church by other means.” If your church has been looking for an idea book that is an easy-read (rather than a thick 3-ring notebook of random ideas), this is a great starter. Note that it doesn’t seem to have quite as much content on mobilizing the people within your church. There’s some, but that might have to be the topic of yet another book, in and of itself. But again, as an over all introductory starter, it’s a winner. Check it out on Amazon at…


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