14) The Last Bit: Can John Piper Cut to the Chase or What?

Does it strike anybody else that John Piper can cut to the chase and cut through the fat and do whatever other metaphors you’d like to use with the word “cut” in them? When I (Doug) grow up, I want to learn to think, and talk, and write like this man does.


Could we have said it any more powerfully or succinctly?

This past Sunday morning, we helped a church roll out an initial vision of amping up their global outreach program. So we tried something a bit different. To help them gain a vision for it, we didn’t actually talk about global outreach at all. We talked about finishing the task locally — so they could understand what they needed to do globally. I’m not sure one could say we picked out a bunch of unreached groups. But I’m also firmly convinced that will happen in time too. But what I know to be true is that, from this past weekend, they now “get” the idea of catching a flame for multiplication. If/when they implement that locally, something tells me they’ll know exactly what they need to do globally.

What are you learning about presenting the Great Commission more effectively than we have been? Remember — we’d better be learning something?


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