2) Learn How to Farm God’s Way with AgriStewards

Grant Dryden will be on the NW side of Indianapolis again with a 3-day Farming God’s Way training, August 9 – 11. Plus, they are adding a 2-day vegetable training on August 13 and 14. The cost is $30 for the 3-day training and $20 for the vegetable training. Lunch is provided and housing is on your own. If you have further questions contact Brian at
briandotsmithattdsdotnet . Farming God’s Way is a tool for the body of Christ to share the Gospel through agriculture. It is comprised of Biblical keys, along with management and agricultural lesson. It is intended to give the poor a hand up and not a hand out.

4 Responses to 2) Learn How to Farm God’s Way with AgriStewards
  1. Ralph Hanger Reply

    I find the title ‘Farming God’s way’ to be very presumptive and dangerously emotive when used in mission situations. It is a claim that cannot be justified and is in danger of using God’s name in vain to promote a form of agriculture, which in itself may be quite good but cannot be claimed to be God’s way from a Biblical point of view

  2. Editor Reply

    Ralph, we passed along your comment to the people who put together the course and invited them to comment here. Thanks for your input.

  3. Brian Smith Reply

    Ralph, the teaching is titled Farming God’s Way because we seek whole heartedly to be imitators of God. As His children we should seek God in all way do. This includes what we do on our farms, who better to learn from than the Creator Himself. We do not assume we have farming all figured out and try to teach absolute thruth’s. We too are continually experimenting and learning and we continue to seek God. Feel free to visit our website http://www.farming-gods-way.org to learn more.

    • Editor Reply

      Thanks for explaining, Brian!

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