8) Free Resources for Teaching the Bible to Children

More than a quarter of the world’s population is under the age of 15 and Christians need to be equipped to teach this open-hearted “mission field.” A missionary in New Zealand publishes free Bible Lessons complete with everything required to teach over 150 Bible stories in cities or villages. Training videos and step-by-step instructions help inexperienced teachers gain confidence and skills. Check out


3 Responses to 8) Free Resources for Teaching the Bible to Children
  1. Brian Ward Reply

    Hi all,

    I am a missionary in Papua New Guinea. Only 10% of PNG has internet. Only 20% live in towns. However, we are sharing lots of digital resources via offline means such as our WIFIBilble device and microSD cards etc. When great resources like this become available, we would love to get permission to share them in offline versions to churches and missions.

    Please as you discuss great internet-based resources, remember that still much of the world doesn’t have access to them and even if they did, they couldn’t afford the internet to download them.

    Brian Ward

    • Editor Reply

      Brian, thanks for being a voice for the 1/2 of the world still not connected!

  2. David M Reply

    I looked at a few stories, and saw good potential in using them. However, I would caution any who use them to be careful, as the author is of a group that is a break-off of the Mormons, and therefore may have some serious differences with Evangelical theology.

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