8) Easy Money Transfer with TransferWise Border-Less Bank Account

According to a recommender this past week, it is now possible to transfer money easily online through your border-less bank account. According to the instructions, you can simply open a bank account in any country and any currency without even being in that country. Missionaries can then transfer funds through their border-less bank account. You receive a Mastercard to access your money. Learn more at…

(Thanks for the tip, David!) Have you tried transferwise? If so, we’d love to hear your own experiences with this approach.)

6 Responses to 8) Easy Money Transfer with TransferWise Border-Less Bank Account
  1. James Reply

    I looked it up and apparently they do not service Central America.

  2. Randy Reply

    I’ve been using TransferWise for several months to transfer funds from my US bank accounts to my overseas account. It’s fairly simple once everything is set up (set up took longer than expected for banks on both ends to be verified), and the app works great. I haven’t done an in-depth price comparison on their fees vs other transfer methods but a cursory comparison is that their fees are very close and even better than what some banks charge for international ATM withdrawal.

  3. Charles R Cherry Reply

    Would be great if they serviced Myanmar.

  4. Editor Reply

    Rearranged the link so it takes a prospective user directly to the website.

  5. Cheryl Yennie Reply

    Pleased with the service that Transferwise offers – nonprofits can expect several days to establish a corporate account (individual accounts are normally verified in a day). Not all countries covered but I have successfully received and sent money through them. MUCH SAVINGS on the transfer fees – appreciate that!

  6. Steinar Opheim Reply

    Tent International is using TransferWise for international transfers. Our last transfer was between Norway and India. After seven minutes the money had safely arrived in the recipient’s bank account. The transfer fee is much lower than the typical bank fees. In addition TransferWise has good exchange rates.

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