3) Could Each Group on FTT’s “List” Become Someone’s Focus This Year?

The answer, of course, is a resounding “yes!” It’s totally possible. This past week, one our long-time partners wrote, “Do you really think that by December, every single remaining unengaged unreached people group will have become the focus of someone, somewhere in the world – for prayer AND onsite presence, with a strategy for church multiplication? It would be wonderful if it is something feasible.” Indeed. Of course, like many things in life, there are a couple of caveats. First, remember that “Finishing the Task” is talking about the list that they have prioritized. You can see it at…


There are other lists, naturally, from other ministries. And no matter what list one assembles, someone, somewhere, will likely differ in opinion. But FTT has indeed pulled together a marvelous network of churches and agencies who are serious. They’ve also focused heavily on trying to raise bucks to invest in actually DOING it (instead of just advocating for it subjectively). They’ve been unswerving in the face of criticism and Paul is very connected. The short answer is: Yes. It could happen in December. If we pray hard — and believe.

One final caveat — and this is a big one. Just because someone says, “OK, I’ll tackle that group,” it doesn’t mean they’ll actually DO it. Nor does it mean the people will respond. If we want security on those two huge loose ends, we’d better all spend some serious time in our prayer closets — and hope that God shows up in a big way in coming decades.

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