1) Preorder the Prayer Guide for the 31 Largest Frontier Peoples

Frontier People Groups (FPGs) are less than 0.1% Christian of any kind, and don’t yet show any current influence of a Jesus movement, past or present. Half the global population of these Frontier Peoples live in just 31 groups! Prayer and mission leaders have compiled a guide for strategic prayer for these largest groups, then made it freely available as a gift to the body of Christ. Grab your FREE electronic copy (English or Spanish) at


You can print your own copies (locally or on your home printer) for your group or event. However this full-color booklet may cost you $3 or more per copy. So you can save big by pre-ordering print copies from our next printing for your group or event, at go31.org . Get your order in today (Thursday, 8/16) to receive your copies by the end of August.

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