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2018/09/09 — Brigada Today

In this issue…
1) Best Way To Improve Your Storytelling Skills is with a Mentor
2) What’s Your Tolerance for Risk? (Free Upcoming Webinar)
3) Know a Writer Whose Book Influenced Outreach to a Nation?
4) New Insurance Offerings from Insurance Services of America
5) High Impact Volunteer Ministry Development Conference
6) CCI to Offer Field Security Manager Seminar
7) RightNow Media Launches Special India Presence
8) Where Would YOU Find a Bible Study on Prayer
9) Could the #1 Paid Utility for Mac Computers Be Selling You Out?
10) China is Amping Up Religious Persecution — Please Pray
11) How Do We Reach Nominal Christians?
12) Easy Screencasts for The Rest of Us (My True 4-min. Sample Story)
13) We’re grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: Acquiring All Spoken Languages Should be Equally Hard
15) Closing Stuff

1) Best Way To Improve Your Storytelling Skills is with a Mentor

You know the importance of story for ministry effectiveness. Learn how to effectively use story to reach and teach people for Christ. Mission Media U is offering its five-week online mentored experience for you and your team. However, you’ll need to respond immediately because the course runs September 19-October 17. To find course details, instructor and mentor bios, comments from previous students, and to register, visit…


2) What’s Your Tolerance for Risk? (Free Upcoming Webinar)

While perusing a sister organization’s website this week, we saw this quote:

“We fear missed opportunities more than we fear failure, and we believe change is a normal part of growth.”

Suddenly, the organization’s point became crystal clear: What if the opportunity lost is sometimes greater than the risk involved in seizing the day? Do we sometimes draw back in fear – maybe fear of failure, or maybe fear that we’ll become involved in a lawsuit if we go forward, or maybe because we might become ill or even because someone might be arrested for his or her faith? What’s your take on persecution and its role in purifying (then growing?) the church? The whole thing is both terrifying and, at the same time, mystifying. If you have an insight on this, please click “Comment” following the web or app version of this item.

Also, our friend John Hurst will be offering a webinar along these lines on Sept. 27th at 9am Denver time (in the USA). Check it out at…


We’re not sure about the cost — but it just might be free of charge.

3) Know a Writer Whose Book Influenced Outreach to a Nation?

We’re trying to learn more about writers whose books influenced outreach to a nation. Can you think of one? Imagine… someone coming from a place in which Christ was little known. Imagine a testimony or appeal from a cultural insider who then accepted Christ and then wrote about it. What kinds of themes would he follow? How would he unwrap his testimony? Based on your response, we will try to give guidance to a new believer from a land going through very hard times. We’d love to find a model that would give this Christ-follower help and hope. If you know of one, just click Comment following the web or app version of this item. Thanks for any input you might offer.

4) New Insurance Offerings from Insurance Services of America

Insurance Services of America is offering 3 new types of coverage these days. We weren’t sure if you had heard…

“Harbor” – offering the lowest cost for the budget minded traveler. This can be used for travel both inside or outside the USA and has the lowest price of all.

“Calvary” – used for those who want the emergency medical evacuation benefit to evaluate them all the way home. This is used mostly for overseas travelers going to developed locations.

“Ripcord” – used for travel to remote locations or anyplace where immediate access to quality medical services is not available. This is also helpful for adventure seekers – climbers, skiers, expeditions, safaris etc.

All three options are low cost and are issued quickly. They are also guaranteed issue — meaning that you can’t be turned down for any reason in all 50 USA states!!!!! Learn more at…


5) High Impact Volunteer Ministry Development Conference

Bring your team and together experience the course that has profoundly impacted countless leaders. Whether a Senior Executive, Pastor, Regional leader or Volunteer Director, whether experienced or a novice, you will gain immediate takeaways and lasting impact. A well-managed volunteer ministry can bring incredible value and energy to your church or organization. This training will be offered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 7-10, 2018. Discounts are available in certain cases. Learn more at…


6) CCI to Offer Field Security Manager Seminar

On December 3-7, 2018 at the JAARS Center in Waxhaw, NC, Crisis Consulting International will be offering a new workshop designed specifically for Field Security Managers. (Note that they have said it would also be beneficial for organizational leaders who have a desire to implement a field security program in their organization or to staff a field security position in the future.) Learn more at…


7) RightNow Media Launches Special India Presence

What’s the one-stop application to access bible study videos for your small group in India? RightNow Media with over 20,000 videos serving 18,000 churches is the answer. RightNow Media has produced videos featuring well-known pastors/ leaders including Matt Chandler, Max Lucado, Francis Chan, David Platt, Chip Ingram. Their videos are especially helpful for small groups, families, students, young adults, leaders and pastors. And now they have a special service designed for India. Learn more at…


or email

8) Where Would YOU Find a Bible Study on Prayer

Last week, the Prayer Coordinator at our organization (Team Expansion) shared with us that she was recently asked to recommend a Bible study on prayer. She said she pondered for a moment, then she said, “The first thought that popped into my mind was, ‘I know where you can find lots of resources on prayer — anything from a basic study concerning prayer to a devotional to aid you in your daily prayer life — and even how to help your church become a praying church.” She then recommended,


We think she was spot-on. (Thanks Betty!)

9) Could the #1 Paid Utility for Mac Computers Be Selling You Out?

It looks that way. Check out the news that broke this past week. If you’ve installed Adware Doctor on your Mac computer to prevent your laptop from being compromised, it could be the very app which compromises you. The latest news is that Apple has now pulled the app from the Mac App Store, but it could still be installed on your machine. Learn more at…


10) China is Amping Up Religious Persecution — Please Pray

Would you please lift up your brothers and sisters in China? This week, they encountered new levels of persecution not seen for years (maybe decades). In what appears to be a step back into the dark ages, government officials began punishing Christ-followers and others simply for being devout in their faith. Learn more at sites like these…

China persecution: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/09/10/chinese-officials-burn-bibles-close-churches-force-christian-to-denounce-faith-amid-escalating-crackdown.html


12) Easy Screencasts for The Rest of Us (My True 4-min. Sample Story)

Do you sometimes wonder how tech support specialists and others produce those screencast tutorials explaining how to use difficult software tools? They get uploaded to YouTube and end up helping tons of people figure out how to navigate the latest software challenge. What if you used a similar screencast software to share a narrative of a young boy or girl in your field. You could use a royalty free stock image picture and explain that security prevents you from showing a real picture, but that you’re “providing this picture as a stand-in to give listeners an idea of what life has been like” for the particular story you’re telling. Narratives are powerful — perhaps way more powerful than slide presentations (including PowerPoint). If you’d like to give this a spin, perhaps the easiest choice of all (and least expensive) is the free tool, Loom. Install it in your browser and instantly get the capability to make amazingly beautiful (and equally easy) videos using your screen, your webcam (if you like) and a mic (including the mic built into your laptop). To show you how easy it is, I (Doug) just recorded a 4-minute story using Loom. Check it out here:


Then, if you’re interested, give it a try here:



(Disclaimer: Loom is free for all, but the desktop app option is being leaked out to the world slowly, mainly to those who help spread the word about Loom. By using the link above, you are still assured of a free tool inside your own browser, while at the same time, it just might help us get a look at the dedicated desktop app more quickly. : ) If it does indeed bump us up the list, we’ll review the desktop app, which is also free, here in Brigada in the very near future.)

13) We’re grateful for…

…$100 from Mission Network. You continue to encourage and amaze us. Thank you for your partnership, friendship, and encouragement.

…$75 from the folks at Visual Story. Learn more about what they do by taking a course they offer beginning Sept. 19th. Sign up today at…

…$30 from a long-time friend of Brigada. This friend probably goes all the way back to 1995. We’re grateful. God bless you!!!

Want to partner with Brigada so that all may hear in order to hasten the coming of Jesus? Just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!

14) The Last Bit: Acquiring All Spoken Languages Should be Equally Hard

We’re taking a poll. Do you agree or disagree with the assertion that it should be equally hard (and equally easy) to learn all (that is, any given) spoken languages in the world — if we are acquiring them in the right way. What do we mean by this? To me (Doug), acquiring a spoken language in the aural/oral way should be tackled by memorizing whole texts through mimicry. I believe this is the only way to capture the true melody of the language the way locals speak it. By listening to and then later producing whole sentences using recordings made by native speakers, shouldn’t a trained newcomer be able to learn to understand and speak any new language in the world in a matter of months or a few years max? Disclaimers: Note that I’m not talking at all about written language. To me, written language introduces an entirely different challenge that deals with the eye gate. With written language, one might have to learn a new script using completely foreign letters — and this might take longer even for insiders, depending on the particular script involved. But isn’t it true that babies the world over generally all learn to understand and speak their native language between 1 year and 3 years of age. (They might speak it in a very basic way at age 3, but they typically are at least starting to get the hang of it, right?) Note that this is true of Russian babies, or babies in North Africa, the Middle East, Africa, or Mexico. Language is no respecter of persons, when it comes to babies. So, in a similar way, doesn’t it stand to reason that if we’re dealing only with spoken language (the aural/oral gate), shouldn’t we all be able to do what babies do — only maybe better?

To me, this is why maps like this one….


make no sense at all. Never mind that the data might be provided by some famous group with lots of travelers having spent lots of time overseas (the Foreign Services Institute). As ashes on the ground, I’m still bold enough to propose that they’re missing the boat. Maybe they’re confusing the matter with learning a written language alongside the spoken.

Here’s the bottom line: If I want to say, “This is my third day in your country,” it seems to take me exactly the same time to learn the mumbo-jumbo in a city in Asia as it does to say the equivalent mumbo-jumbo in a village in South America. Because to me, it’s all equally hard — and it’s all equally easy. I’ve tried this in countries all around the world. I don’t consider myself a quick study on language. It’s ALL very difficult for me. But it’s also all very equally easy. With the aid of a helper, I facilitate the helper in constructing a series of nonsense syllables that, taken together, with the right flow — if I learn to repeat those same syllables in exactly the same way with exactly the same flow — people tell me their names. Or they tell me where the bathroom is. Or they ponder the meaning of the brief story I just shared.

It’s all equally hard. And it’s all equally easy. Your thoughts? Please respond by clicking comment after the web or app version of this item. And thanks in advance for your response.

15) Closing Stuff

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