2) What’s Your Tolerance for Risk? (Free Upcoming Webinar)

While perusing a sister organization’s website this week, we saw this quote:

“We fear missed opportunities more than we fear failure, and we believe change is a normal part of growth.”

Suddenly, the organization’s point became crystal clear: What if the opportunity lost is sometimes greater than the risk involved in seizing the day? Do we sometimes draw back in fear – maybe fear of failure, or maybe fear that we’ll become involved in a lawsuit if we go forward, or maybe because we might become ill or even because someone might be arrested for his or her faith? What’s your take on persecution and its role in purifying (then growing?) the church? The whole thing is both terrifying and, at the same time, mystifying. If you have an insight on this, please click “Comment” following the web or app version of this item.

Also, our friend John Hurst will be offering a webinar along these lines on Sept. 27th at 9am Denver time (in the USA). Check it out at…


We’re not sure about the cost — but it just might be free of charge.

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