12) Easy Screencasts for The Rest of Us (My True 4-min. Sample Story)

Do you sometimes wonder how tech support specialists and others produce those screencast tutorials explaining how to use difficult software tools? They get uploaded to YouTube and end up helping tons of people figure out how to navigate the latest software challenge. What if you used a similar screencast software to share a narrative of a young boy or girl in your field. You could use a royalty free stock image picture and explain that security prevents you from showing a real picture, but that you’re “providing this picture as a stand-in to give listeners an idea of what life has been like” for the particular story you’re telling. Narratives are powerful — perhaps way more powerful than slide presentations (including PowerPoint). If you’d like to give this a spin, perhaps the easiest choice of all (and least expensive) is the free tool, Loom. Install it in your browser and instantly get the capability to make amazingly beautiful (and equally easy) videos using your screen, your webcam (if you like) and a mic (including the mic built into your laptop). To show you how easy it is, I (Doug) just recorded a 4-minute story using Loom. Check it out here:


Then, if you’re interested, give it a try here:



(Disclaimer: Loom is free for all, but the desktop app option is being leaked out to the world slowly, mainly to those who help spread the word about Loom. By using the link above, you are still assured of a free tool inside your own browser, while at the same time, it just might help us get a look at the dedicated desktop app more quickly. : ) If it does indeed bump us up the list, we’ll review the desktop app, which is also free, here in Brigada in the very near future.)

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