4) English Kids Sunday School curriculum for non-native speakers

A ministry is looking for an English Sunday School curriculum to teach Sunday School lessons to kids who speak hardly any English (from 5-12yo). The aim of the curriculum or textbook is NOT to teach English (many of these ESL using the Bible textbooks already exist) but to teach about the Bible and Christian truths to non-native English speaking kids. Got any good recommendations? If so, just click “Comment” following the app or web version of this item. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Bob Achgill Reply

    Try this for Bible stories in Easy English.


    And try this tool for learning the Easy English1200 word vocabulary for mother tongue speakers.


  2. Bob Achgill Reply

    Try these Easy English Bible stories.

    www easyenglish.bible/accessible/

    And try this tool to teach the 1200 word Easy English vocabulary to mother tongue speakers.

    www hishandsreader org

  3. Bessie Bearse Reply

    You can do a search for English Camp and find some others who are teaching kids English with Bible stories.

  4. Bessie Reply

    Last year I found Kids of Courage.com (from VOM) and vbsfreeprograms.com/programs

  5. Suzana Reply

    I search for material to teach English for non natives, and for Bible’s women study.
    They have to be free. Would you know, please?

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