7) Need a Graphic Design Application?

A friend told us this past week that he loves


We visited the site and, to be honest, we weren’t overly impressed. Do you like Canva, or do you have another such site that is even more effective and, if so, would you mind sharing it? Just click “Comment” following this item on the web or in the Brigada app.

8 Responses to 7) Need a Graphic Design Application?
  1. Misty Reply

    I bounce between Canva and Adobe Spark, depending on the project. After a quick search, I came across the following article for Canva alternatives: https://www.cnewcomer.com/canva-alternatives/

    Hope this helps!

  2. Sarah Reply

    I do graphic design for work using Adobe Indesign, but it’s an expensive program! Someone showed me Canva about a month ago and it has all the best parts of Indesign for free. I’ve used it several times and it looks very professional! (It does take some getting used to but once you’ve done a few things it’s quick and easy).

  3. Sheila Reply

    I use spark.adobe.com .

    Its free and excellent for graphics.

  4. Tim Cowley Reply

    I’ve been using Canva for many years now with lots of different clients that I design for. I recommend them highly to folks who can’t or don’t want to jump on the expensive Adobe Creative Cloud train. I have Creative Cloud but usually just want to get something out super fast and beautiful so turn to Canva for almost everything I design these days. They even offer a non-profit free account that allows you to use their upgraded features. 5 out of 5 start!

  5. Laurie Reply

    We use and love Canva especially for quick and easy social media graphics — love all the different formatting options. Used to use PageMaker back in the day, couldn’t really justify the purchase of InDesign and so Canva is the perfect solution — and it’s free!!

  6. Janice Reply

    Canva is good for infographics, but I also use Visme or Piktochart, depending on need. Each of them have free versions.

  7. Becky Durstenfeld Reply

    I used Canva for the first time to design a logo and found it fairly easy to use. I found a design I liked but was able to change it to make it our own. I was pleased with the how the logo turned out. It was great to find a free resource to use.

  8. Lucky Reply

    I’ve used Canva for a couple of years now, and it’s great. Sometimes it’s hard to be as exact as I’d like in certain things, but there are usually easy, little work arounds. Even for the paid version, it’s a way better deal than any of the professional options I’ve used, and the learning curve isn’t nearly as steep.

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