8) Guidebook for Those Who Coach Support Raisers

Coaching financial support raisers who are preparing for ministry is crucial for the global mission movement. This guidebook is a much needed resource that helps anyone learn how to coach, walk alongside, and provide consistent accountability to support raisers as they raise financial funds. It’s designed to help organizations, churches, and individuals. Anyone can impact the nations by being a coach, and now you have the guidebook for it! It’s available now on Amazon as an eBook. A print version is coming soon.


2 Responses to 8) Guidebook for Those Who Coach Support Raisers
  1. John Allert Reply

    If you work as a support coach or are in charge getting your workers fully funded to the field there is no greater event than the SRS trainers conference. https://supportraisingsolutions.org/conference/support-raising-leaders-conference-2019/. It is right around the corner, so act fast!

  2. Richard Malm Reply

    Would Brigada please make an announcement when the print version is available. Thanks

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