14) Do You Need a Digital Hero? (If You Live in a Sensitive Land, Yes?)

If you live and work in a sensitive land (a security-conscious environment), then you probably do. The Digital Hero role is a crucial partner to your Media-to-Disciple-Making-Movement (M2DMM) work. Opening digital accounts, such as Google Adwords or Facebook, require a real person’s information such as their name, their identity card, payment details and often even an address. In a secure context, you DO NOT want to use your personal identity nor anyone else’s who is living in-country. If you’re considering using M2DMM, you’ll want to browse this link:

M2DMM is a viable strategy useful to anyone who wants to give neighbors a fair chance to hear the Good News. Using M2DMM strategies will enlarge and expand the breadth of the net you can cast. It will help you find people who otherwise might never have considered the message of Jesus’ gift of grace. We encourage you to give it a chance today.

Are you using M2DMM in your field? If so, please safely comment or share a safe testimony (please change names and use only general circumstances) about the efficacy of M2DMM in your field by clicking comment following the app or web version of this item. Thanks in advance for commenting!

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  1. DP Reply

    We use M2DMM in our context even though we live in a so-called “open” country. But being supposedly open doesn’t mean that every people group is open to the Gospel. M2DMM allows us to go around the gate keepers (read: the leaders) directly to the people themselves, in their native language.

    And, because of the way social media works, the Gospel message bleeds into adjacent countries.

    People in our pg are fearful of meeting a westerner openly, and in fact, they generally do not trust those who are believers in their own pg. Using M2DMM gives us the ability to break down initial walls, thereby allowing the truth to go forth unhindered.

    But, as in most situations where M2DMM is used, it doesn’t replace face to face meetings, and so there is a constant challenge to know when the right time has come to meet, or when it’s just a fishing expedition.

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