8) Help Brigada Figure Out Why its “Jump to” Links Don’t Work on iPhone

If you’re a smart programmer person, we’d sure love to hear from you. Would you email us or click comment (following the web or app version of this item) if you can help us figure out how to fix the fact that our “Jump to…” item links, though they work fine on laptop email clients like Outlook and gmail, just don’t work on certain smartphone email clients and browsers. It’s sadness for sure. (We know. First world problems. But still. Global South readers want to know too.) Check it out. On your laptop, at the website, our links bounce you directly to the item from our Table of Contents. On your smart device, when you receive the email, although we believe the links/anchors are properly formatted, there’s no joy. What in the world are we doing wrong? (And thanks, Matt, for raising the question.)

One Response to 8) Help Brigada Figure Out Why its “Jump to” Links Don’t Work on iPhone
  1. Mary Reply

    The jump-to links don’t work on the iPad either-however it’s never stopped me from appreciating the round-up!

    Interestingly, the latest newsletter is displayed in a much larger font than usual. I don’t know whether this is intentional but it’s easy to read!


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