8) Is it Just a Myth that We Can’t Trust New Immigrants in the USA?

We asked 2 political scientists the above question. As best they could discern, every single ISIL terrorist attack in the USA had been committed by lawful residents. Here were some of the attacks they studied:


If this is the case, the entire logic that “we can’t trust a wave of recent immigrants” might seem to be flawed, if history has anything to say about it. (Thanks Chris and Caleb.)

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  1. Keith Swartzbaugh Reply

    The Democrats want new voters, and the Republicans want cheap labor. Social Security is underfunded, so politicians need immigrants, legal and illegal, to help keep the system solvent. These are the reasons why most politicians will do nothing to stop illegal immigration. As Christians we are called to love these people, even if they broke the law to come to the US. However that doesn’t mean that we should agree with the present way our country handles, or fails to handle the illegal immigration system.

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