14) Let’s Pray for Yemen Like Never Before

In the last few days, we are seeing mounting pressure from the US government toward the warring sides in Yemen. It feels like there are some officials in the US State Department that have finally heard the cries of a myriad of suffering families there. Now is the time to double down and pray like never before. Please read articles like this one…


and watch videos like this one…


Please help us spread the word and ask churches, groups, families, and individuals everywhere to pray for a difference in Yemen… that the fighting would stop, that the one-million suffering without food would find solace, and that good news would finally come to this troubled land.

Here’s an example of the USA State Department calling for peace:


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  1. Yemeni Christian Reply

    Oh Father in haven we pray for peace and for justice in Yemen we pray for an end to violence, war and death.let them hear: Come to me you who suffer
    and are burdened and I will give you rest
    In Jesus name Amen

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