1) The Jesus Film DVD for the Amount You Choose to Donate

The Jesus Film DVD, The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children DVD, and the Magdalena DVD are available at a discount or for an offering from Christ for All Peoples. They no longer suggest any kind of standard amount to donate, so any amount will trigger the order. (Let your conscience be your guide.) At present, they offer these resources in 160 languages. For more information, visit




2 Responses to 1) The Jesus Film DVD for the Amount You Choose to Donate
  1. ted bjorem Reply

    hi, 5fish has it for free in just about every language, plus considerable other resources.


    then select an alphabet letter for language you want.
    Videos are at bottom. Project of Gospel Recordings

  2. Ken McCrae Reply

    This “Jesus” in the movie was made by and for white folks. A more realistic portrait of Jesus is found at the LUMO projects: see


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