2) Want to Help Translate a Fantastic Software Application for DMM?

Speak a language other than English, Spanish, French, Turkish, or Arabic, or know someone who does?

Contribute to future disciple making movements by volunteering to translate www.Disciple.Tools, the open source disciple-making-movement software (that is being adopted by teams, churches, and missions organizations around the globe)!

Those interested can click here and follow the directions for translating about 540 terms or brief lines of text.


2 Responses to 2) Want to Help Translate a Fantastic Software Application for DMM?
  1. Richard Goodall Reply

    Praise God for your concern re discipling.
    I would need to see the scope and amount of all this. I am 85 and while translating a 1000 page book found it impossible to continue. It wears down my nerves considerably. Apart from that the good brother who asked for my help is not moving on getting the job finished. I have two sons who can translate but they would require payment whereas I don’t require it. I forgot to say I am a NZer and my other language is Japanese. What are your hopes or plans for Japanese translation?

    • AH Reply

      Would you fill out the “Get in touch with us” web form on https://disciple.tools. They’d love to talk with you more in detail privately.

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