6) Can’t Believe this Useful Note-taking/Outlining/To-do App is Free

This past week, we learned of a new start-up that, in just one year, has put together a solid outlining application that also makes an excellent task management app. It’s multi-user (real-time), just like we prefer — so more than one of your team members can be editing and adding tasks at once. There’s a conversation thread, so workers can dialogue about topics and themes. You can upload an unlimited amount of pictures, PDFs, and other attachments and associate them with the sub-points of your outline and conversation thread. This can become a great place for a team (even one with which some workers are serving remotely) to come together, rally around, and improve communication/planning. Imagine annual goalsetting and strategic planning. So, on a whim, I wrote the company, half-expecting that nobody (in a busy start-up) would answer. Surprisingly, the CEO began to dialogue with me directly. I asked if they were going to add offline access. He said it was coming. I asked if they were going to monetize it. (Because you don’t WANT to invest lots of your planning in an application that’s completely free. Mark my words: It will eventually die and then all your work is lost. So we WANT them to make it a successful business.) They’ve already mastered the art of “folding up” elements of the outline. They’re now working on security and permissions (which will be very important for many of our Brigada participants). I’m telling you, this application is one to watch. It hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s already better than WorkFlowy in many areas. It’s even starting (just STARTING, mind you) to give Quip a run for its money. Check it out. We’ll keep you informed. The moment they get security and permissions set, we need to start experimenting with this app. They hope to have a “pro” version done within a month. Thank you John and everybody else at Taskade! Learn more about Taskade at…


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