2 Responses to 10) Global Poverty Has Declined by 78% in just Four Decades!
  1. D. Reply

    Very encouraging read! I appreciate how the author highlighted the upsides of free market economy.
    I wonder, though, how the more recent people group upheavals have affected this progress. Since the writing of the article their have been drastic changes in Syria, Yemen, Burma (with the Rohingya), Argentina, etc. Does anyone have good articles on how the refugee crises has impacted global poverty?

  2. Brian Stark Reply

    I guess I’m also aware that the standard for extreme poverty has remained constant. But $1.90 in 1981 equates to $5.43 today. So have people living on less than $5 a day today would still be in extreme poverty compared to someone living on less than $1.90 in 1981, right? I know we have indeed made progress, but have we truly made as much progress as the article suggests?

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