13) We’re Grateful for…

…a $20 recurring gift from a worker at Finishing the Task. God bless you!

…the $100 gift from a friend in Springfield, MO. Thank you so much!

…an amazing $1000 gift from a fantastic friend of Brigada who wrote, “I have been blessed by your work and findings of resources over the years and this year have been blessed financially to help pay it forwards. Blessings from California.” We are speechless. Whoa.

…an incredible gift of $300 from a long-time Brigada participant in Columbia, South Carolina. No words. We’re so grateful.

…a much-appreciated $25 gift from a long-time friend of Brigada.

…another $25 gift! We appreciate you!

…$75 from a great friend of Brigada from Newberg, Oregon! Thank you!

…$100 from Grace Life Ministries in Florida. They enclosed a note saying, “Thank you so much for the collation of such amazing resources for the mission minded. Its always been a blessing to me personally and helped in different aspects of the Ministry. Blessings upon you.” Thank you!

…the $10 gift from a great friend of Brigada. God bless you!

…the $100 gift from a True Fan of Brigada. We’re grateful for your partnership!

…the $94 gift from a great friend of Brigada from Ypsilanti, MI! Thank you for your share vision!

…a $100 gift from a True Fan of Brigada and a Coordinator for Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. We’re grateful to you — and we’re grateful for Perspectives, too!

…the $100 gift from a True Fan of Brigada from Rochester, Minnesota! God bless you!

…the incredible blessing of $100 from a True Fan of Brigada from Petal, MS, USA! We’re grateful!

…the $25 gift from a great friend of Brigada from Fairfax, VA! Thank you!

…the $100 gift from a True Fan of Brigada from Mifflinburg, PA! We’re so grateful!!!!!!!!! God bless you!

…another $100 gift from yet another True Fan of Brigada. We’re soooo grateful! God bless you!!!

…a gift of $100 from a True Fan of Brigada from Ambridge, PA. Thank you!!!

…and, just minutes ago, a gift of $200 from a great True Fan in Estacada. God bless you!…

…and a second gift from Mission Network arrived — for $100! God bless you!!!


When we asked what we should highlight, one donor said, “You could explain that I’m having fun leading international students to Christ and giving them a heart for people groups within their nation, so they too can fulfill the Great Commission.” That’s the amazing magic of Brigada. Everyone is serving Christ together, in one big brigade.


So as of tonight, Brigada donors have all together pitched in $14,787. That’s AMAZING. It leaves us just $2032 short of our operating budget for 2019. But it’s also an AMAZING amount to start the year. God bless each and every one of you.


If you, your church, or group ended up with anything left at the end of the year and would like to put it towards mobilization for unreached people through Brigada as a gift to Jesus Christ, just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!


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