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2019/01/13 — Brigada Today

In this issue…
1) Video Counseling Available
2) Can You Teach Us About Community-Based Bible Translation? (CCBT)
3) What About an App for Real-time, Simultaneous Worship Times?
4) Finally, a Pretty Decent Travel Checklist
5) Looking for a Fresh Voice for Prayer In Your Life? Try This:
6) Church Prayer Leaders’ Network Introduces New Magazine: Pray
7) ChinaSource Quarterly — Teaching in China
8) Digital Media Strategy For Making Meaningful Faith Decisions
9) Finishing the Task: “We Aren’t Finished!”
10) Nations Course 2019 in Chiang Mai and Rotterdam
11) Didn’t Make it To Urbana? It’s OK; William Will Take You There
12) Didn’t Make it to Cross (missions) Conference either?
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: A Tribute to Don Richardson (by Danny Lehmann)
15) Closing Stuff

1) Video Counseling Available

GRC is accepting new video counseling clients! With the addition of new staff members, GRC has the availability to take on new online clients through their secure video counseling service anywhere there is an internet connection. Their desire is to make care available to Global Workers around the world who have no access to mental health resources. Learn more and “Get Started” at




2) Can You Teach Us About Community-Based Bible Translation? (CCBT)

We started hearing about CCBT a few years ago, but it bubbled up again this past week in a very big way.  A foundation made it clear that they would prefer working with onsite team members who were capable and experienced in CCBT. Can you help us find a few case studies — and just help us understand it better please? It seems like a game-changer, but it also seems to be somewhat debated by those who prefer a more traditional Bible translation approach.


For starters, we could browse to…




But it feels like there should be much, much more.


3) What About an App for Real-time, Simultaneous Worship Times?

What’s your favorite Android or iOS app for assisting with a foreign language real-time translation, say, when an English-speaking pastor is visiting your church and you need the sermon to be understood by Zarma (Zerma) listeners? …or Somalis? …or you fill in the blank. Are there apps that, for example, allow a listener to use his own earbuds on his smartphone, while logged on to the wi-fi of the event or church? For example, could someone use a service like…




One would simply be broadcasting “live” at the back of the church, right? So people in the audience would log on to that live broadcast and it would be their current church service, except, someone would be contextualizing the message for the hearing crowd — in the language you need. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Are there apps to aid in such a thing?


4) Finally, a Pretty Decent Travel Checklist

This isn’t just some basic “checklist” you’ll find on Pinterest so you don’t forget your phone charger! This is a comprehensive travel checklist helps you prepare for your trip, stay safe while overseas, and get home safe. At least one Brigada user declared it a super valuable resource! Good Neighbor heard so much good feedback that they decided to make it a “stand-alone” document. Print out or email it to friends.




6) Church Prayer Leaders’ Network Introduces New Magazine: Pray

Billed as a magazine to mobilize unified public prayer for America, the new magazine of the National Day of Prayer will be 40 pages or so of articles, testimonies, case studies, and other prayer resources. You can subscribe to the digital version for $20/year. Printed copies go up from there in prices. Learn more at…




(Thanks for this tip, too, Betty!)

7) ChinaSource Quarterly — Teaching in China

Against the background of a changing China, this edition of the ChinaSource Quarterly examines the role of expatriate teachers in China. Their approach is not primarily theoretical but practical, seeking to learn from experienced practitioners and to understand approaches that will stand the test of current trends. Rather than propose a “roadmap,” they seek to inspire and encourage with a vision of what is possible. Learn more at…




8) Digital Media Strategy For Making Meaningful Faith Decisions

Mission Media U (MMU) is an online learning platform designed to train Christians to be more effective in making disciples and establishing churches. Their course, “Foundations of New Media Strategy,” is starting February 14 and running through March 14. Each week in the 5-week course requires 3 hours of work per week including a one-hour live instruction session. For more information, go to




9) Finishing the Task: "We Aren’t Finished!"

In true Mark Twain fashion, Paul Eshleman wrote fans and friends of the Finishing the Task initiative this past week to say, “We’re not done yet.” He explained, speaking of the FTT conference last month, “Even though we saw commitments made at this conference to adopt every remaining known UUPG, the FTT conference is not going away.” He added that FTT would be busy helping partners engage in keeping their word, lending strategic assistance on multiple fronts. He left open the door to discovering new unengaged groups, while exploring other diverse lists such as castes in South Asia and multiple diaspora groups. Find just a few of FTT’s many resources here…




10) Nations Course 2019 in Chiang Mai and Rotterdam

Last year’s participants said: “The Course shed light on the areas that were dark for me and through this course I got the last piece of my armor in place.” Another wrote, “I do not know how any missionary can do without it! Most helpful course I have ever attended.” The Nations Course is a six-week cross-cultural intensive. It exists to prepare people for effective cross-cultural ministry, and equip them to make disciples among least reached people groups. Organizers want to promote an ethos of life-long learning. Cross Cultural ministry is one of the most misunderstood ministries/occupations on the planet. Course leaders wish to avoid the mistakes of the past by providing experienced trainers, who will open people’s eyes to new ways of thinking, acting, and feeling when approaching different cultures. Learn more and sign up at…




11) Didn’t Make it To Urbana? It’s OK; William Will Take You There

William Cheung was one of the 15,000+ students who attended. Watch his 5-minute video and you’ll feel like you were there.




(You can also watch all the “official” conference videos at…


urbana.org/ )


Were you at Urbana? If so, could you share a brief testimony in a comment following the web version of this item please? We’re trying to see the conference through your eyes?


12) Didn’t Make it to Cross (missions) Conference either?

Shew. What did you DO over Christmas vacation then? No seriously, you can revisit Cross Conference here. Wow — powerful video. We would have loved to have been there.




Were you at Cross? If so, could you share a brief testimony in a comment following the web version of this item please? We’re trying to see the conference through your eyes?


13) We’re Grateful for…

…a $101-dollar gift from a True Fan of Brigada. This True Fan is also a big fan of GRC. Learn more about online counseling opportunities for all, worldwide, by browsing to…




…a $200 gift from a big fan of Engineering Ministries International, on the web at


They offer construction/design services around the world for the church universal.


Want to join these partners in helping Brigada through 2019? If so, just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!


14) The Last Bit: A Tribute to Don Richardson (by Danny Lehmann)

I (Doug)met Don Richardson once. He spoke at a missions conference at which I was also a guest speaker. I remember distinctly how interested he was in the work that I did. He commented a LOT about Brigada — and voiced real enthusiasm for it, by the way. He seemed really interested in what I was doing — which, to be honest, was humbling, disarming, and sobering — because, he seemed so SMART. When he spoke, I had that feeling that I should write down every line, because seemingly every line was stacked full of so much wisdom. We recently saw this tribute, written by Danny Lehmann. (Thanks for sharing it, Randy!) So we tracked down Danny and asked if he would grant permission for us to share it in Brigada. He readily agreed, saying that “anything that would glorify the Lord and honor Don would be great.” So here’s his tribute, originally shared on Dec. 27, at 7:57pm.

“Don Richardson, who was promoted to Glory on December 23, 2018, has left us with a legacy that all those of us who are involved in world missions would be wise to emulate.

“First, Don was a missionary. In 1962, he and his wife, Carol, packed up and set sail for Irian Jaya (now known as Western Papua) to share the Gospel with the cannibalistic and headhunting Sawi tribe. In a few years there was a breakthrough through Don’s discovery that the “Peace Child” analogy as an interest door for winning this tribe to Christ.

“Second, Don was a strategist. Following his success with the Sawi people, his research showed that as Paul “became all things to all men” (1 Corinthians 9) he was able to show many examples of “redemptive analogies” within many cultures that could serve as bridges for other missionaries to use as they “contextualized” the gospel to the people they were seeking to reach

“Third, he was not only a linguist in the technical sense of the word, but also created a popular language bridging the theological world to the missiological world. Phrases such as “The 4,000-year Connection,” “Top-line/Bottom-line Blessings”, “Redemptive Analogies, Concept Fulfillment, “Finding the Eye Opener” and others have enlightened the missions movement worldwide with greater understanding on how to reach unreached peoples.

“Fourth, Don was an apologist. He was able to go toe-to-toe with those in the secular anthropological world against accusations that missionaries destroyed cultures. He eloquently reported the opposite, demonstrating that the data showed that more often than not the presence of missionaries caused not only salvation, but human flourishing in the majority of cases. His research was backed up by a ten-year study by Baylor University Professor Robert Woodberry in 2012.

“Fifth, Don was a theologian. In response to the new breed of atheists he wrote “Unhidden” to demonstrate that God has indeed made the revelation of Himself plain to the world (Romans 1). To the new progressive theologians who were promoting a new form of Universalism He responded with “Heaven Wins” and showed from Scripture that while God is incredibly merciful and there will very likely be more people in heaven than many think there will indeed be a judgement day.

“For those interested in drinking from the deep well of Don’s work may I recommend “Peace Child”, “Lords Of The Earth”, “Secrets Of The Koran” and especially his epic “Eternity In Their Hearts”.” [end]

Thanks again to Danny for his willingness to include his tribute here. Don Richardson has passed on to the next life, but his impact here will never be forgotten. Ever.

15) Closing Stuff

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