2018/01/20 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
In this issue…

1) Improve Your Storytelling and Improve Ministry Effectiveness?
2) Lose Your Interpreting Hardware; Convert Your Interpreter Booths
3) “Seek God for the City” Now Available in Spanish: “Clama a Dios…”
4) Want to Sharpen Your Interpersonal Skills? Take the Class
5) Free 30-Day Mini-Course: “Intro to Biological Agriculture”
6) Seek God for the City, March 6 – Apr. 14 via this App on Your Phone
7) Have You Discovered a Rhythm That Keeps You Devoted to Prayer?
8) Where is the Church Headed in 2019? (Hint: It’s Not White.)
9) Can “Peace Psychology” Impact Government Leaders for Good & for God?
10) Could Teamwork Project Be the Perfect Task/Project Manager for You?
11) Is the Tor Browser better than a VPN for Anonymizing You?
12) How Would You Describe the Missionary Task?
13) We Asked about CCBT Last Week. Jesse Answered.
14) The Last Bit: Bob asks, “What about UPGs Losing Their Identity?”
15) Closing Stuff

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