7) Have You Discovered a Rhythm That Keeps You Devoted to Prayer?

Does your organization/church/group have a rhythm that helps to keep you devoted to prayer? Betty wrote this past week, “While we all want to pray continually, there are rhythms that can keep us going. For example, the organization of which I am a member kicks off each year with 21 days of focused prayer and fasting. We begin each day as an international services staff praying in groups for designated areas of the world, leaders of those countries, organizational workers in those fields, and for the unreached. Once a week, we devote an afternoon prayer time to praying for all of the organization’s workers around the world in one fell swoop. Monthly, we devote half a day to prayer and fasting for a specific part of the world, leaders in that part of the world, the unreached and the persecuted in that part of the world, and the organization’s workers serving in that region.” We think Betty’s on to something. Would you please share the rhythms of prayer that keep you going? Just click “Comment” following the web version of this item. We’d love to hear YOUR group’s rhythm if it keeps you devoted to prayer!

(Thanks again, Betty!)

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  1. Stan Nussbaum Reply

    I have four interruptions to my work day, each with a scheduled pop-up reminder. When one pops up, I get away from my computer for a 5-minute timed break to walk the hall and pray about the category that popped up. (I work at home.) For example, “Fruit” is one of the categories, so I pray for fruit from whatever I was working on when the reminder came up or other things from the day or the To Do List. Other categories are “Focus (on the day’s Bible reading), “Friends,” and “Family.”

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