12) How Would You Describe the Missionary Task?

The IMB described it this way:

a) Entry

b) Evangelism

c) Discipleship

d) Healthy Church Formation

e) Leadership Training

f) Partnership and exit


See the full out line in blog items like this one…




and zero in on particular items in articles like this one, on the disciple-making task, for example:




What’s YOUR take on this kind of component model of the missionary task? What do you feel the IMB has left out that should have been included? Please jot your answer in a Comment following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for your opinion!


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  1. John L. Amstutz Reply

    The missionary task (disciples of all nations) is full-circle:
    phase 1. Evangelism/disciple-making (90 degrees)
    phase 2. Church/leadership development (180 degrees)
    phase 3. Church planting/multiplication (270 degrees)
    phase 4. Missionary-sending/cross-cultural (360 degrees)
    Making disciples of all nations requires an infinitely reproducible process…full circle.

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