5) You Might Be Interested in the International Day for the Unreached

Then again, you might not. Having a “day” for the unreached makes sense, by some measurements. Lots of other things have a “day.” For example, there’s a “day” for the persecuted church. There’s a day for administrative assistants. There’s even a “National Bloody Mary Day” (that was January 1st), a “Groundhog Day” (Feb. 2), and even a “National Banana Cream Pie Day” (March 2nd; we’re not kidding). Which brings us to our second point: You might NOT be interested in such a day — if it trivializes the unreached and causes you to think of them only on one day per year. It’s up to you (actually, to ALL of us) to make sure the IDU doesn’t become that.


So having said that, if you’d like to learn more about the International Day for the Unreached, check out their Action Guide at…




(Thanks to Joshua Project for letting us know.)


2 Responses to 5) You Might Be Interested in the International Day for the Unreached
  1. David Empson Reply

    so when is it? Isn’t it the Day of Pentecost?

  2. Melissa H Reply

    Every time I click the link I get this message:

    This site can’t be reached dayfortheunreached.org refused to connect.

    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

    Other people have also had problems connecting.

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