12) What’s Your Theology of Singleness?

One of my colleagues and friends is delving into this question, starting with a recent conference and the guest speaker, who wrote this book…


If Amazon is out of stock, you can also try this link:


It’s “A Biblical Theology of Singleness.” Can we confess — we want to learn more about this. Have you read this book and, if so, what’s your take on his thinking?

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  1. Suzanne Grumelot Reply

    Great booklet. So important!

    The link you have posted is via Amazon and they are out of stock. You may want to post the link from the publisher in the UK:


    And they have both hard-copy and e-book copies available.

    • Editor Reply

      Thanks Suzanne. We’ve added that link in the item, as well.

  2. Janice Reid Reply

    I haven’t read the listed book, but the same author has a 2010 book called “Redeeming Singleness” ($10.20 on Kindle) that I read when I wrote an article on the subject for my church.

    He has a very solid biblical foundation for his arguments, which – spoiler alert! – show that in the OT membership in the covenant community was based on marriage and family, whereas in the NT is it based on Christ’s shed blood. Therefore, the emphasis modern Christians place on the need to be married is, to some extent, extra-biblical.

    Don’t get me wrong; Danylak is not minimising marriage. Rather, he is asking married people not to minimise singleness. Too often singles in our churches are seen (and treated) as something not quite complete; as people who have not experienced God’s “best.” As a single myself, I have experienced this…and I disagree with the rationale behind it. I’m single because God wants me single, for His own perfect reasons.

    Danylak’s theology and his reasoning is sound, and he brings a fresh new perspective to singleness in the church…an increasingly important aspect of the modern life of faith.

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