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2019/02/17 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion

In this issue…
1) Missio Nexus Offers Super Early Bird Registration for Conference
2) Calling Any French Translators with Audio/Video Skills?
3) Reviving Evangelism Resource Now Available from Barna Research
4) Prepare Your Church Security Team for All Kinds of Scenarios
5) Mountain Feet Weekend discernment retreat
6) Do Agnostics Every Try to “Convert” Us?
7) This Classical Academy in North Africa Could Use More Teachers
8) “The Burden of Baggage” (Book) Will Help You Appreciate Differences
9) Consider These Five Steps When Designing Your Strategy (Videos)
10) ECMI-USA is Searching for a new Executive Director
11) Devotional for Christians in the Workplace: Free Book
12) US Director of National Intelligence: Worldwide Threat Assessment
13) Canada to Stage Formal Zúme Launch on April 7 from Toronto
14) The Last Bit: Taskade is a Quick Way to Gather Thoughts/Collaborate
15) Closing Stuff

1) Missio Nexus Offers Super Early Bird Registration for Conference

In a matter of a handful of years, the annual Missio Nexus Mission Leaders Conference has transformed from being a blip on the calendar into a must-attend event for mission leaders when it comes to planning and understanding the challenges, opportunities, and changing trends in the future of missions and the Great Commission. It’s fitting, then, that their 2019 conference is themed, “Future Mission.” It will take place all under one roof at the Caribe Royale resort hotel in Orlando, FL, Sept. 19-21. Conference organizers are offering a “Super Early Bird Discount” on registration until March 1st, 11:59pm, for $324 (meals included). This year’s conference will feature futurist Jay Gary, author Ed Stetzer, a surprise guest that we’re not supposed to mention publicly (but that you’re going to want to hear), and many others in main sessions and workshop tracks. Learn more at…




This is THE place to gather information about tax law and A.C.A. changes for mission orgs. It’s THE place to network with CEO’s of mission organizations. It’s THE place to pick up on the latest trends AND strategies for leading your org. Plus the setting, the food, and the worship are second to none. Oh — and did we mention that the training is outstanding too? Brigada will be there and we hope you will be too. Better hurry if you want to save bucks on this Super Early Bird deal though. Only two weeks remain.

2) Calling Any French Translators with Audio/Video Skills?

The Zúme Project has hit a wall on its 7th and 8th translations (French and Swahili). They need a team of French translators (minimum 2) as well as a couple of Swahili translators too, both of whom have video and audio skills. This translation team won’t get rich, but rest assured that this is a paid job. Native speakers are preferred. If you are French or native Swahili-speaking and you’d love to be paid for creating a quality translation for a VERY critical disciple-making movement (DMM) course, please contact

languageguyathushmaildotcom  (languageguyathushmaildotcom)  


with your name and location, along with email, a mobile phone number,

and a bit about how you learned about Zúme. In advance, thanks!


3) Reviving Evangelism Resource Now Available from Barna Research

Barna has a new book out about expectations and definitions/models for evangelism and it’s not pretty.




(Thanks Tim)


We’ll receive the book soon, at which time we’ll write more, but for right now, we can already tell you that there has been a sea-change in our culture about the political correctness of evangelism. We’d love your thoughts on how we manage to make a radical shift before we completely lose the whole concept to some kind of Star Trek “Prime Directive” version of evangelism. (“Observe, but do not interfere.”) Please — if you have any ideas about how we help the church be the church for the uninformed, untold parts of the planet, please speak up while there’s still time.


Advance tip: For more background on this, see this article, entitled, “Almost Half of Practicing Christian Millennials say Evangelism is Wrong:”




4) Prepare Your Church Security Team for All Kinds of Scenarios

If you’ve wondered how to help your security guys get ready for the worst, here’s your chance. The International Disaster & Emergency Service (IDES) will be partnering with the Bible Christian Church in Arkansas City, KS, to offer disaster preparedness training on Saturday, March 9th, 8am to 5pm. If you’re interested, RSVP by March 2nd to

bccatbiblechristianchurchdotorg  (bccatbiblechristianchurchdotorg)  


The event is free but a freewill offering will be received.

5) Mountain Feet Weekend discernment retreat

Mountain Feet Weekend helps you hear and respond to God’s invitation on your life so you may humbly and confidently join God’s kingdom purpose in a way which honors who you’re created to be. The next weekend is April 5–7 on in OKC. The price includes lodging, meals, materials, and the opportunity to get to know others like you who dare to live a life of eternal consequence. Register by March 31 at..



6) Do Agnostics Every Try to "Convert" Us?

Joe wrote this past week, musing about the fact that, although he had encountered many agnostics over the years (those who don’t really care for God — so they decide not to make a decision about Him, exactly), none of them had ever tried to persuade him to embrace their view. This prompted him to wonder — do agnostics ever try to “convert” us to their mindset? There’s always the triple-A. You know… The Agnostic Association of America.




That’s about the best I could do. Anyway, Joe was thinking — they must not have very much to offer him? Anyone have any experience with being “evangelized” in this way? Take Clarence Darrow for instance: “I am an agnostic. I do not pretend to know what many ignorant men are sure of.”


9) Consider These Five Steps When Designing Your Strategy (Videos)

Our friends at Beyond have boiled down a five-step strategy for reaching an unreached people group. They see it as prayer, prayer-walking, first contact, miracles and healing, then discipleship. They’ve created a quick intro video for each of those five prongs. See them at:

Step 1 – Prayer – https://vimeo.com/186469882

Step 2 – Prayer Walking – https://vimeo.com/192036708

Step 3 – First Contact – https://vimeo.com/205606784

Step 4 – Miracles & Healing – https://vimeo.com/236105666

Step 5 – Discipleship – https://vimeo.com/255645612

(Thanks for pointing us to these, Chris!)

10) ECMI-USA is Searching for a new Executive Director

The Board of ECMI-USA is searching for an Executive Director to provide leadership for the mobilization of workers and raising of funds for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in Europe. Ministry experience in Europe, history of self-supported ministry work, and the ability to raise funds is desirable. Please send a one page-letter explaining your qualifications, your desire to apply and your resume to

ecmisearchatgmaildotcom  (ecmisearchatgmaildotcom)  






for more information about the org and




for info about the opportunity.

11) Devotional for Christians in the Workplace: Free Book

Hats off to author, Gary L. Selman, for making available his book, “Arise, Shine, Be Encouraged,” in audio format online for free for Christians who will use it to remain faithful while working in the marketplace. Access the book in audio form at…




or order it from Amazon at…




You can learn more about Gary at…




(Thanks to Allan and the service at www.AntiochJourney.com for giving us the heads-up about this.)


12) US Director of National Intelligence: Worldwide Threat Assessment

Thanks to the US Director of the National Intelligence Service who, on behalf of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, recently made available a 42-page briefing on just about every hotspot under heaven. You can learn about the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, the latest on Iraq, perhaps understand the latest threats from North Korea, and much more. (There are some advantages to open democracies.) Download the briefing for free at…




(Thanks to Justin for tipping us off to this resource!)

13) Canada to Stage Formal Zúme Launch on April 7 from Toronto

What if every neighborhood in the world had a group of people discovering, sharing, and obeying God’s Word together? What if it started in YOUR living room? Zúme Training is an on-line and in-life learning experience designed for small groups who follow Jesus to learn how to obey His Great Commission and make disciples who multiply. And now you can join Canadian believers as they launch Zúme formally in their part of the world. It will take place on Sunday, April 7, from 3:00-5:00pm, at Rexdale Alliance Church; 2459 Islington Avenue; Etobicoke, ON M9W 3X9. Zúme leaders will introduce the training, share its potential for Canadians (and the world), and share opportunities for participation. The entire event will be live-streamed, so it doesn’t matter if you live in Vancouver, Banff, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland, you can still take part. The event is being staged by a coalition of volunteers so it should be really fun and maybe even inspirational. Plus, they’ve invited a certain Brigada Editor to be one of the presenters, of all things! : ) Mark your calendars now and plan on hearing more details later. You can learn more about Zúme at…




14) The Last Bit: Taskade is a Quick Way to Gather Thoughts/Collaborate

We’ve mentioned Taskade before. You can use this app as an outliner, list-maker, thought-organizer, and collaboration base. The free version gives you unlimited lists, all of which can be organized in bullets and “folded up” so you can make sense of “both the forest and the trees.” The free version also allows you to include an unlimited number of collaborators, plus you can include due dates, reminders, use templates, conduct team chats, and even do voice and video calls (all for free!). The product syncs in real-time across platforms, meaning you can start your list on your laptop in your office and continue it on your phone in the park while walking the dog (as long as your dog doesn’t mind). It will send push notifications (that actually work) to your phone and laptop as well. And there are custom mobile and desktop apps for everything you can imagine. What’s more, it’s encrypted end to end and the vendor pledges that there are regular backups going on constantly. By pitching in $84/year, you can pick up a crucial feature: global search (which works instantly, by the way) AND unlimited attachments. (The free version is limited to 100 Meg of storage.) Think about it — unlimited means 5 gigs or 5 terabytes (in 50 meg chunks, mind you) – it doesn’t matter. Pretty cool.


For some reason, we’re liking Taskade better than any of the other outliners out there right now. The sharing aspect seems somehow easier to grasp than Workflowy and we love the “startup” mentality of Taskade. (The staff is incredibly responsive and has even participated in ‘live’ brainstorming sessions with us.)


Try Taskade for free at…



15) Closing Stuff

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