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2019/02/24 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion

In this issue…
1) Last Chance Ever to Register for Super-Earlybird Missio Nexus Conf.
2) JoshuaProject Now Can Print Profiles Directly from “New” Site!
3) Every once-and-awhile, It Does Me Good To Remember Why We Believe
4) Debrief and Prepare for Re-entry with TRAIN International
5) Free Virtual Conference — “The State of the Global Gospel”
6) Finishing the Task Clarifies: We Were Always Thinking Zero
7) Trying to Illustrate a Bible Story? Get these Free Images
8) Looking for a Class on Community Health Evangelism? (CHE)
9) TESOL Training in Chiang Mai.
10) Confused about North Korea? Everyone Else is Too
11) Taskade (Outliner app) Offers Pro Plan via Referrals
12) Catch this Hilarious Tribute to Video Chats (Be ready to laugh)
13) Zúme Online Web Training Will be in 40 Languages
14) The Last Bit: This DMM Manual in Spanish is Amazing
15) Closing Stuff

1) Last Chance Ever to Register for Super-Earlybird Missio Nexus Conf.

If you might go to the Missio Nexus “Future Mission” conference this fall, why WOULDN’T you register in the next 48 hours so you can enjoy the benefit of saving bucks for being a super-early bird. Think about it: All the folks in your office will be blown away by the fact that you actually did something way EARLY so you could save your church or org some cash. Here’s your chance. Learn more at…



2) JoshuaProject Now Can Print Profiles Directly from "New" Site!

Remember our item from the Feb. 3rd edition (“14) The Last Bit: How to Print a UPG Profile at JoshuaProject.net”)? We spelled out a work-around for the fact that one couldn’t print JoshuaProject Unreached People Group profiles directly from the corresponding web-pages. The work-around was — in order to print a hard-copy of a UPG profile, one had to use the legacy site. Well, as we said in that item, “Give them some time. There are few services as responsive as JoshuaProject.net.” We rest our case. Now, a mere three weeks later, they’ve completed writing new code that now allows you to print a VERY attractive profile from any unreached people group in their entire database! Way to go, Dan, Bill, and others! We appreciate you!


3) Every once-and-awhile, It Does Me Good To Remember Why We Believe

We live in a crazy, mixed-up world. It’s a world in which we can easily be swayed by every episode of Star Trek and by lectures by smart people like Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion). That’s why it’s important, every once-and-awhile, to watch something like Ravi Zacharias in this video:




Naturally, at the end of the day, following Christ ultimately requires a person to take a “leap of faith.” But, in the face of a doubting world, isn’t it nice to make believing believable again? : )


4) Debrief and Prepare for Re-entry with TRAIN International

Take time to process and unpack your cross-cultural experience in a relaxed and refreshing environment. TRAIN International has two debriefings coming up, March 3-8 in Johnson City, TN, and March 31-April 5 in Joplin, MO, and spaces remain for both. Their ABIDE debriefing offers time and space Sunday through Friday for you to sort out your service in group and one-on-one debriefing. The Johnson City debriefing is for adults only, but for the Joplin debriefing, bring your whole family, as TRAIN offers both adult and TCK debriefing for ages 0-17. Gain perspective and get equipped to navigate the challenges of re-entry and to move forward in renewal toward your next season of ministry. Check out their website to learn more at:



5) Free Virtual Conference — "The State of the Global Gospel"

Are you the type who likes to learn about your world? Do you really get jazzed about things that are absolutely, positively free of charge? Do you wish you could hear state of the art presentations? Well you’re in luck — because you’re about to land at the juxtaposition of all three of those interesting dream-worlds. Just register at…




for “OnMission,” by Missio Nexus. It all kicks off on March 13th, 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific. And it’s FREE!!!

6) Finishing the Task Clarifies: We Were Always Thinking Zero

Just when you thought the Finishing the Task (FTT) list was all finished (i.e., that someone, somewhere, had taken reasonability for each of the world’s remaining unengaged, unreached people groups), FTT clarified this past week that they had always been thinking they would hang around until the last group was actually engaged. Truth is, it really wasn’t “new” information after all. Those who had listened intently previously, could have already attested to the fact that they had ALWAYS intended to make sure it happened. In fact, if a couple of years go by and they don’t hear that a particular group has become engaged, they contact the earlier adopter to verify that they still intend to follow through — which is pretty cool, if you stop to think about it. Learn more about the pretty cool people at Finishing the Task by visiting…




Read lots more frequently-asked questions here…



7) Trying to Illustrate a Bible Story? Get these Free Images

If you’re a creative arts professional (or you do presentations about the Bible), you probably know how hard it is to create and/or find images of certain Bible stories. Well now, you have a lot more going for you. Just visit…




and you’ll find 790 complete Bible story sets (about the most common Bible characters and values). Odds are, you’ll find SOMETHING or SOMEONE in these preconfigured images that will work for you! (Thanks for the tip, Mike!)

8) Looking for a Class on Community Health Evangelism? (CHE)

Look no further. CHE is kind of like community development, except it emphasizes the whole human being context, including the spiritual element. It doesn’t matter if you’re listing a course that you’re teaching or struggling to find a course you’d like to take. Just check out the offerings at….




There’s a classroom near you teaching CHE this coming month!

9) TESOL Training in Chiang Mai.

Are you hoping to learn English as a second language? or are you hoping to learn how to TEACH English as a second language? Either way, these folks have you covered. They run courses from April 1 – May 3, and July 1 – August 3. Get some training and do an EXCELLENT job. Asean Center for TESOL offers an INTENSIVE, five-week certificate course in Chiang Mai, Thailand, including 10 hours practice teaching to non-native speakers! For application forms or more information, email  infothaiatactesoldotcom  (infothaiatactesoldotcom)  

or see


11) Taskade (Outliner app) Offers Pro Plan via Referrals

Beginning this past week, the outliner app called TaskAid began marketing a “Pro Plan” with lots of key new features, all for free — if you can find just 12 people per year to love the app as much as you do. (One free month for every person you refer.) Learn more about Taskade by visiting…




We love it that Taskade is quick, fun, and easy, yet amazingly powerful. Use it across all your devices, upload an unlimited number of file attachments (unlimited!), invite others to collaborate with you and edit the same task list or outline simultaneously. Use tags to keep things super-organized and search for a “needle in a haystack” to find anything you want. And unlike Google docs, Taskade doesn’t get trolled for advertising revenue. There are NO ads. Use templates, multiple workspaces, and a whole lot more. Try it today.


And sure, if you plan to register, feel free to tell them we sent you, but we’re already good for 12 months out in the future. The important thing is to use the app if it looks helpful.



12) Catch this Hilarious Tribute to VideoChats (Be ready to laugh)

Our buddy, Mike S., told us about this hilarious video this past week. Yes, it’s an unashamed promo for Zoom, but only in the last 15 seconds. The entire remainder of the video is poking fun at the experiences we’ve all had. There’s so much here — the guy who shows up with the echo in his signal because he isn’t using headphones, the lady looking at her hair-do in the webcam, and even the guy who did the whole meeting in his underwear! This one’s a classic. In the meantime, if videochats have come to be helpful for you, why not leave a testimony in the comments that follow this item. If you’re like we are, videochats have become a mainstay.


…in spite of the fact that sometimes, it takes 3 times longer to process work because of the hassle. : )

13) Zúme Online Web Training Will be in 40 Languages

It’s kind of amazing. By the time they’re done with phase 1, Zúme training (an online and in-life, web-driven experience designed to help a believer learn how to make and multiply disciples, leaders, churches, and movements) will be translated into Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Burmese, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Farsi, French, German, Gujarati, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Kurdish, Lao, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Panjabi (Eastern), Panjabi (Western), Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Yoruba. You can always see the latest progress by visiting:




These 40 languages are the first languages of over 5 billion people. And guess what: All 40 languages are now funded, along with an app that will make it possible for you to show the video in any of those 40 languages on- and off-line! Learn more at…



14) The Last Bit: This DMM Manual in Spanish is Amazing

Suppose you’re making and multiplying disciples in Spanish and you’d love to do a live training. What do you use? Until now, maybe you just pulled together plenty of notes you’ve made of all your sessions. But why cobble something together when a team of DMM practitioners has done it for you already. Take a look at Jonathan Training in Spanish. It’s called “Entrenamiento Jonathán.” It’s all about Movilizando Movimientos: Discípulos Que Hacen Discípulos, Obreros Que Multiplican Obreros E Iglesias Que Multiplican Iglesias.” Find the student version here:




and the facilitator’s version here:




We’re DEEPLY indebted to men like Curtis Sergeant, Eric B., David L., as well as disciple-makers in Caracas, Venezuela (including Julio in particular) for creating this manual. The amazing thing is — they’re now sharing it with us for free! Mil gracias a todos!

15) Closing Stuff

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