6) Finishing the Task Clarifies: We Were Always Thinking Zero

Just when you thought the Finishing the Task (FTT) list was all finished (i.e., that someone, somewhere, had taken reasonability for each of the world’s remaining unengaged, unreached people groups), FTT clarified this past week that they had always been thinking they would hang around until the last group was actually engaged. Truth is, it really wasn’t “new” information after all. Those who had listened intently previously, could have already attested to the fact that they had ALWAYS intended to make sure it happened. In fact, if a couple of years go by and they don’t hear that a particular group has become engaged, they contact the earlier adopter to verify that they still intend to follow through — which is pretty cool, if you stop to think about it. Learn more about the pretty cool people at Finishing the Task by visiting…




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  1. Lara Heneveld Reply

    Thank you for helping detangle an often misunderstood ministry focus, Brigada!

    We’re one of the few organizations that actually want to be wrong – that someone would contact us and let us know that, yes, the Good News of Jesus Christ IS being proclaimed within a people group that we, and perhaps others in the missional information community, believed still needed harvest workers.

    Truly, we’re just on the tip of the spear of the Great Commission. We are committed to beginning to ‘Finish the Task’ – to bring the Gospel to those who are still waiting, who are unknown by the Body of Christ’s and often neglected and unseen by the secular world they live in.

    Research and data exchanges are happening today that weren’t even possible ten years ago. So we’ll keep pushing forward and shining the light on those who so desperately need The Light!

    Thank you for being such a treasured partner. We are honored and humbled by your support and shared heart for the unengaged, unreached people groups still waiting for Jesus…

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