1) "More Disciples" (the book) is Out on Amazon

We’ve mentioned a couple of times that you’ll soon be able to order the new book, “More Disciples,” published by WIGTake Resources (the same group that brought you “Church Planting Movements” (Garrison) and “T4T” (Steve Smith and Ying Kai) and several other books. The book showed up on Amazon this past weekend. Find it at…


Because Doug is the primary author, he didn’t want to say anything about the book himself. (That would be awkward.) So we’ll just feature what others have said about it. As a follower of Jesus, what’s the one thing you can take with you from this life to the next? The answer: more disciples. More Disciples is a practical, how-to guidebook that lays out a clear path for learning and implementing church-planting movement (CPM) and disciple-making movement (DMM) strategies and life principles. It includes in text form all of the concepts of the web-driven course, ZumeProject.com. In addition, readers can go deeper at a companion website, MoreDisciples.com (currently being revised to mesh with the book). Author and researcher, David Garrison, wrote, “More Disciples addresses head on the fundamental question: What’s it going to take to bring the world to faith and discipleship in Jesus Christ? More Disciples takes the centuries-old-challenge and, through the grace of God, places it within our grasp.” DMM specialist, David Watson, added, “More Disciples is a book well done being published at a critical moment for the church and those who wish to see all nations as brothers in Christ. There are several major take-aways that will touch every audience. The book addresses one of the weaknesses in disciple-making movements by supplying curricula that is culturally adaptive and ready for those who are interested.” Author Jerry Trousdale went on to say that, “More Disciples is truly an excellent resource for people wanting to get started, or get better at, catalyzing multiplying disciples. But it will also be a very useful reference resource for CPM/DMM veterans.”

6 Responses to 1) "More Disciples" (the book) is Out on Amazon
  1. Marti Wade Reply

    Will there be an ebook? I’d be glad to read and review it but prefer an electronic copy.

  2. Justin Long Reply

    Kindle! Kindle! Kindle! :)

    • Editor Reply

      We just proofed the mobi and the epub versions of More Disciples yesterday. It will now go into the processing and publishing phase. We expect that it will be on Amazon within 7-10 days. Thanks for your interest. It’s coming soon. Very kind to ask.

      • Marti Wade Reply

        Great! Thanks for the inside scoop. Looking forward to reading it.

  3. doug Reply

    More Disciples kindle edition just went live

  4. Doug Reply

    More Disciples: A Guide to Becoming and Multiplying Followers of Jesus https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NKCPF35/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_UNdLCbBBSH6XW

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