5) Pilgrim’s Progress Movie to be Free to the Mission Field

In US theaters Easter week, this animated film based on the second most published book after the Bible, will later be available in 100 languages.




On the homepage, check out the free interactive storybook with scenes from the film – great lesson for all ages! How does Christian escape from Giant Despair? The more people in theaters April 18 & 20, the faster other languages will be produced.

4 Responses to 5) Pilgrim’s Progress Movie to be Free to the Mission Field
  1. Thomas Reply

    This post doesn’t seem to explain how the movie is free to the mission field… could you expand on how missionaries can see this for free?

    • Editor Reply

      Hi Thomas. We asked the contributor of this idea to come on board and give more details on this.

  2. Janice Reply

    Hi. I’m also interested…referred to this book the other week in a discipling Bible study. Having the movie to watch would be really helpful!

  3. Richard Goodall Reply

    I have worked in Japan since 1960 planting churches. I’d be grateful to have a copy or three of the film. What format are you using? Needless to say I think you are wonderful making it free. There’s a psychological barrier when one has to pay for things like this. May the Lord delight to bless this tool

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