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2019/04/28 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Online Psychiatric Care Now Available
2) Low-Priced Training for Teachers, Preachers and Pastors
3) In Our Ongoing Quest for the Perfect Task Manager… Clickup? : )
4) Ever Wonder, “What is the Missio Nexus Mission Leaders Conference?”
5) Don’t Forget: Starting May 5th, 130 New Pray-for-Muslims Videos!
6) Reach Your Audience Through Their Mobile Phone
7) TESOL Training in Chiang Mai
8) Africa Network Bftf Now Offers Members Free Social Media Training
9) Facing Injustice? This devotional is Available for Free for 48 hrs.
10) Take a First Step in Your Coaching Journey
11) Free Bible School Curriculum (“Free” means “free!)
12) 20 Paid Teacher Jobs at this University in North Asia
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: Enjoying Millennials and the Mission of God
15) Closing Stuff

1) Online Psychiatric Care Now Available

GRC is pleased to announce that they are now accepting new global worker clients for secure online psychiatric evaluations and consultations. They are able to offer this because they have recently expanded their psychiatrist capacity. They now have three psychiatrists to serve you through secure online video conferencing outside of the United States, and in-person at their SC Office. They look forward to serving you in their quest to help global workers thrive. To get started, visit…

2) Low-Priced Training for Teachers, Preachers and Pastors

Around the world, many people want to be trained in the ministry. This website has information on free, low-priced, and medium-priced Christian Colleges, Universities, Bible Institutes, Seminaries, correspondence courses, pastor training, Bible education by extension in many languages, and more. Some of these materials are available to people in countries outside the USA. Learn more at…

3) In Our Ongoing Quest for the Perfect Task Manager… Clickup? : )

Well, Todoist was fun while it lasted. (laughing) Today we’re considering Clickup…


We’ve turned toward Clickup because it has custom fields, lets us rearrange the prioritization of a list manually through drag-and-drop, allows task dependencies, offers true Gantt chart views and insane hierarchies, and there are versions for everything — even Linux! Of course, sadness — it doesn’t have a true offline version yet (even the iPhone version isn’t really TRULY offline, although it will at least allow a person to create a task offline). But the GREAT news is — they’re evidently super-close to releasing this capability in an even more revved-up version 2.0 — VERY soon. There are zillions of integrations, it looks like it adapts well to teams OR individuals, and did we mention — it has custom fields… an unlimited number!! You better try this today. And no — it’s not related to buying groceries through the web at Kroger. : )

4) Ever Wonder, "What is the Missio Nexus Mission Leaders Conference?"

Well now you can hear it straight from the horses’ mouths — in a new little power-packed video at…


Hear from dozens of mission leaders expressing their heartfelt opinions about why THEY turn to the Mission Leaders Conference each fall to learn the latest about personnel issues, financial tracking (including reports directly from leaders at the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability or ECFA), a CEOs’ track and much more. Plus – the food is delicious. : ) It happens Sept. 19-21. Sign up today or you’ll miss out.

5) Don’t Forget: Starting May 5th, 130 New PrayMuslims Videos!

Remember — The folks at PrayerCast are asking you to take part in the most comprehensive and compelling Muslim-focused prayer resource the world has ever seen. Over the month of Ramadan, they plan to release over 130 new 4-5 minute videos, all designed to lead the Body of Christ in focused, strategic, passionate prayer for the Muslim world. Each video is led by a former Muslim who now follows Jesus! They’re rallying the Church around the world to join them in prayer each day during Ramadan. Take a look…


Invite, share and sign up. Here’s a sneak peek:

6) Reach Your Audience Through Their Mobile Phone

Millions of unreached people have access to the digital world for the first time. Leaders, field workers, and missions media practitioners can sharpen skills, learn new ideas, and make new connections – to be more effective with mobile technology. A 5-week mentored online course starts May 7 with instructor Keith Williams, Director of Mobile Advance. For more info and to register, go to:

7) TESOL Training in Chiang Mai

Are you teaching English as a platform for ministry? Get some training and do an excellent job. Fly to Thailand for your training! Asean Center for TESOL offers an intensive, five-week certificate course in Chiang Mai, Thailand, including 10 hours practice teaching to non-native speakers! Snag application forms or more information at…


or email

infothaiatactesoldotcom  (infothaiatactesoldotcom)  

8) Africa Network Bftf Now Offers Members Free Social Media Training

Members at Africa Network BFTF (a Kingdom & unity based network of over 3200 ministers/missionaries in/to Africa) can now access Pulpit Rock Training, a free social media and training program designed to help maximize the use of the network and other social media by providing an email based training at 10 minutes a day via a series of 23 emails over 78 days. Learn more at…

9) Facing Injustice? This devotional is Available for Free for 48 hrs.

From the Modern Missionary Mamas blog author comes a new devotional all about how to handle injustice — something she knows quite a bit about after almost a decade on the field. This 28-day eBook will equip you for handling life’s unfair situations and remind you of some vital truths to sustain your faith. Grab your FREE copy today, and start a journey toward peace in life’s painful situations. Better act fast though. This offer is only good through the end of April (48 hours).

10) Take a First Step in Your Coaching Journey

Foundational Coaching Skills is a 12-month online and on-site curriculum that offers the opportunity to experience coaching for your own life and work, along with a five day, hands-on, highly interactive on-site workshop introducing coaching/coaching skills. They also do teleclasses that build competencies as you begin to use coaching skills AND they give you mentor coaching that helps you troubleshoot and grow your skills. Learn more at…

11) Free Bible School Curriculum ("Free" means "free!)

International Victory Bible Colleges is a network of affiliated adult bible training centers that offers free downloadable video courses (400 hours) and written outlines of courses to be taught live (600+ hours) all in multiple languages. In addition they provide a manual on “How to Start a Bible School” and other resources. They have helped start over 2,500 Bible schools in 103 nations and now have over 40,000 current students. We love it that they secured the URL : ) ) Learn more by writing Ron directly at

RonStaffordatvictorydotcom  (RonStaffordatvictorydotcom)  

12) 20 Paid Teacher Jobs at this University in North Asia.

How would you like a paid job teaching at a university in north Asia? You’d receive round-trip airfare, visa, housing, and 6 weeks winter holiday plus an 8-week summer break. Your stipend would be $9,000-11,000 over 10 months. Better act fast though. The applications are due literally this Wednesday, May 1st! To learn more, see the overview at…


There are actually a whole boatload of openings, including 6 Conversational English Teachers, 9 Business Teachers, 1 Marketing Coordinator/Business Teacher, a video Producer, 2 English Composition instructors, and even a Golf Instructor. Note that you have to have a BA degree and any 120+ hour TESOL certification. Email

anratpsmaildotnet  (anratpsmaildotnet)   for info on how to apply

13) We’re Grateful for…

…a $50 gift from God Speed Resources, enabling global workers to thrive. Learn more about God Speed Resources at .


…a $50 gift from a great friend of Brigada who loves to put quality training resources in the hands of willing workers worldwide. God bless you!


…a $20 gift from a great friend at Finishing the Task, an organization obsessed with seeing every last unengaged, unreached people group have a fair chance to hear the Good News of Christ. We appreciate you!


Want to join these partners in helping Brigada through 2019? If so, just click “Donate” at, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!

14) The Last Bit: Enjoying Millennials and the Mission of God

We’ve been enjoying the exchange regarding the book, “Millennials and the Mission of God, A Prophetic Dialogue.” We hope you have too. And by the way, we did learn from the publisher that a Kindle is indeed in the works. And then one of the commenters told us suddenly that it’s now live! (Thanks Joshua!)


And speaking of Joshua, his comments about the book were insightful. And we loved it that he is indeed a millennial, so we were hearing from the person about whom the book is written, after all! : ) He wrote, “Wow. Very interesting. There’s so much that could be commented on and discussed just from that introductory chapter! … First of all, I think the approach is valuable and refreshing. My first reaction to the topic was a slight eye roll. “The problem with millennials” is such a hot topic and everyone wants to talk about it without actually talking to millennials (or taking them seriously in any way). However, I took a look and behold this appears to be a real attempt to have a real dialogue with a real life millennial. That’s a good start.

The dismissive attitude toward millennials is a significant problem and I think this is something that mission organizations, including our own, need to really consider. [Doug: Ouch! : ) Oops — he works for the org I lead. Gulp. : ) ] When the whole “dialogue” around millennials is comprised of older generations (as well as millennials more influenced by or trying to fit in with/please boomers) making jokes or complaining about millennials, you aren’t providing a very attractive environment for them. I think this comes out of a mindset that sees the generational perspective of the boomers and/or the greatest generation, etc., as well as frameworks like modernity, as being the standard or norm, that these are the right ways of thinking. I think it’s actually more that these perspectives are not always understood within their generational roots, but rather just considered timeless. All that to say that the millennial point of view (if one could paint with such a broad brush) is considered a deviation from the right way, or what has always been (to be fair, I’m sure in a few decades or less we’ll be looking at it the same way) without the proper recognition by older generations of how much their point of view has been shaped by their culture and time (and not necessarily just truth and the Bible) as well.


So, a fair dialogue that isn’t just claiming to listen to millennials, while just getting some token comments and spending the whole time patronizing them, is the right approach.


Another comment I wanted to make was more in regard to your post. You said “maybe we’ll have some helpful dialogue to understand not only how to relate to this young and daring generation, but how to help them change the world in which we live.” A couple of things about this. First, you’re already talking to a mixed audience (I’m a millennial, so you’ve got at least one), so you don’t need to talk in the us and them terms (“we’ll have some helpful dialogue to understand … this generation). Some of us are in our mid and upper 30s now. In many churches and organizations there are millennials in positions of leadership. So, it’s not just a “lets try to understand how the kids are thinking these days” kind of thing. If a ministry doesn’t already have at least some engagement/involvement of millennials then honestly it may be too late by now (the next generation beyond millennials is already moving up into places of influence). They’re (we’re) probably already around, so be careful not to talk past them like they’re not even in the room. [Doug: VERY helpful. Thanks!] Second, they’re already changing the world… a lot. So you may want to ask how to help them engage more with the facet of the mission that you or your ministry has been called to, but there are a multitude of ways to change the world (I know, my millennial is showing) and millennials are out there coming at it from all angles.


Finally, I just have to say that the millennial spokeswoman in the book sorely misrepresents her generation in at least one point. She characterizes a millennial as having a Starbucks latte in their hand. Sorry, but a real millennial would not give in to the corporate tyranny of the megachain, and would rather have a single-origin, fair-trade, pour over in that hand. [hahahaha Love it]

[end of comments from Joshua]


What’s YOUR take on the book. We’ve now obtained a full copy and we’re covering the “rest of the story” for you. But what’s YOUR take on Bush and Wason’s write-up? Please join the lively dialogue with your comments at…


If we don’t figure this out, we might never reach maximum effectiveness or fruit in fulfilling the Great Commission.

15) Closing Stuff

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