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15) Closing Stuff

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14) The Last Bit: Ten Ways to Avoid Becoming a Missionary

Howard Culbertson, Emeritus Professor of missions and world evangelism, once wrote a great piece on how, “Ten Ways to Avoid Becoming a Missionary.” We think you’ll find them entertaining. : )


*** 1) Ignore Jesus’ request in John 4:35 that we take a long hard look at the fields. Seeing the needs of people can be depressing and very unsettling. It could lead to genuine missionary concern.

(John 4:35 “Do you not say, `Four months more and then the harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.”


*** 2) Focus your energies on socially legitimate targets. Go after a bigger salary. Focus on getting a job promotion, a bigger home, a more luxurious car, or future financial security. Along the way, run up some big credit card debts.


*** 3) Get married to somebody who thinks the “Great Commission” is what your employer gives you after you make a big sale. After marriage, embrace the socially-accepted norms of settling down, establishing a respectable career trajectory and raising a picture-perfect family.


*** 4) Stay away from missionaries. Their testimonies can be disturbing. The situations they describe will distract you from embracing whole-heartedly the materialistic lifestyle of your home country.


*** 5) If you happen to think about missions, restrict your attention to countries where it’s impossible to openly do missionary work. Think only about North Korea, Saudi Arabia, China and other closed countries. Forget the vast areas of our globe open to missionaries. Never, never listen to talk about creative access countries.


*** 6) Think how bad a missionary you would be based on your own past failures. It is unreasonable to expect you will ever be any better. Don’t even think about Moses, David, Jonah, Peter or Mark, all of whom overcame failures.


*** 7) Always imagine missionaries as talented, super-spiritual people who stand on lofty pedestals. Maintaining this image of missionaries will heighten your own sense of inadequacy. Convincing yourself that God does not use ordinary people as missionaries will smother any guilt you may feel about refusing to even listen for a call from God.


*** 8) Agree with the people who tell you that you are indispensable where you are. Listen when they tell you that your local church or home country can’t do without you.


*** 9) Worry incessantly about money.


*** 10) If you still feel you must go, go out right away without any preparation or training. You’ll soon be home again and no one can ever blame you for not trying!


Do you know someone who relies on — or did you previously rely on — any of these approaches?

13) We’re Grateful for…

…a $11.21 gift from ISA as a way of recognizing the good people of Time Ministries who care about the D.R. God bless you all!!! Thanks!!!


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12) Are the Unreached "Waiting to Hear?

According to your experience, are unreached peoples “waiting to hear?” This topic came up in a comment on this video…




A Brigada participant commented, “Statistics are good. However, the phrase ‘Waiting to hear’ is repeated several times and this is misleading. Sadly many workers return home in the first couple of years of service, and I have heard them say, ‘I thought people were waiting to hear but they are not.’ It would be good to couple this video with another one on resistant people and do some statistics there. India and Muslim majority countries have a lot of very resistant people groups in them. We need to go, but the challenge and risks are greater.” What’s your take on “truth in advertising” in recruitment videos and testimonies? Do we “sell” the need to such an extent that the “go-ers” begin to imagine that all the unreached are super-receptive, “if only they heard?” Click comment and share your own take on this please. Also, when you respond, please share what, for you, is a more fair way of sharing needs and statistics?

11) New JoshuaProject Video will Stir Your Church/Team/Org to Pray

Extraordinary prayer doesn’t come by accident. It’s not something we stumble upon. It’s something we have to seek. Joshua Project has helped us stir hearts with their new little 3-minute video at…




Would you consider showing it at one of your upcoming worship services? Then follow it with 2 minutes of guided prayer from the platform, followed by small group prayer in your congregation or org, perhaps for another 3 or 4 minutes after that? Yes, the entire deal will soak up 10 minutes of your sermon time but, hey — preach on “prayer around the block and around the world” and this can be your application time — and you’re already 1/3 of the way finished! : )  (Thanks for the video, Joshua Project.)

10) Got an Idea to Publish in Brigada? It’s Easy.

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and click on “Submit” in the top-line menu. Glance at the publication guidelines to become familiar with the way things work, then propose your item. You might be surprised at how easy it is. If you’d like to help Brigada (and bump your item to the top or near the top of the very next edition), just send a gift or use the online “donate” button. We’ll put the money to good use providing information, motivation, resources, and trends to thousands of cross-cultural workers (and the massive team of people serving them) all over the world. Some might even go to Iceland!

9) Suppose You Were Hoping to Learn about Missions in Iceland…

How would you begin? Go watch James Bond, “View to a Kill?” Book a flight to Europe on “Wow Air” and score a free overnight in Reykjavik, and, while there, visit Keflavik, population 16,000, because none of your friends have been there? Decide on a whim to visit Husavik, popuation 2,300, because it’s not that often you get to visit 3 cities in a single nation, all of which end in the same sound?


Or — you could ask in Brigada Today, for starters. At least then, you’ll be able to read the Operation World page at…




see the PrayerCast video at…




But, what, beyond that? How would you learn about the people already working there for His Kingdom? And if the answer is too sensitive to post in a comment, please jot your note to editoratBrigadadotorg  (editoratBrigadadotorg)   and we’ll make sure we get the messages to the team who is researching Iceland for next steps. : ) Thanks everybody!

7) What To Do When You Live in the Places "Most Likely for Kidnapping?"

Perhaps you saw the CNN piece on the State Department’s warning on the 35 nations in which Americans should be wary of kidnapping risks. (Hint: The most likely nations were Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russian Federation, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine (in Russian-controlled eastern Ukraine), Venezuela, and Yemen.

Basically, they’re the countries in which you’re probably working.


So what do you do? Hunker down, hoping to stay out of crossfires? Hire a security team with lots of black SUVs to follow you around? Do most of your outreach via Facebook? Those are all options. How have YOU settled the risks in YOUR part of the world? What’s YOUR level of discomfort? What makes YOUR level of discomfort too high for its own good? Click comment and share, but please feel free to speak confidentially and feel free to refer to your location only in generalities, if you prefer. (And thanks to Justin for pointing us to this article!)

6) Get a Free Copy of Global Guardian’s Worldwide Threat Assessment

Every other year, Global Guardian assembles an overview of global security developments. Obviously, in a fast-changing world like the one in which we live, real-time threat evaluations will always be more advantageous. But sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to back away and read the big picture. Catch the July 2018 big picture here:




(Thanks Jim!)

4) Decision: Going to Give Todoist Another Try

Thanks to all those who commented and interacted about the best task management app last week. After much thought, I’m going to give Todoist another try. Why? First, because it works offline. After a month in which I spent quite a bit of time overseas, out of wi-fi range, I became more convinced than ever that it was no longer possible for me to track my to do list in an app that required internet connectivity to function. Second, it contains an effective tagging system. Tagging is clutch because of the way it cuts across all other organizational paradigms (like projects, subtask hierarchy, dates, and more). Third, it’s fast. Fourth, it’s multi-device, real-time, not only with my phone and with a Windows desktop app, but also a webpage as well. Finally, it’s affordable. If you’re looking for a great task management tracker, try Todoist today.



3) Missio Nexus to Feature 70+ Presenters and 9 Workshop Tracks

Imagine a conference in which there are 70+ workshop presenters and 9 different workshop tracks, including Executive Leadership, Globally Engaged Churches, Global Strategies, Human Resources, Member Health, Mission Finance + Administration, Mobilization, Short-Term Missions, Training! And — if you’re imagining something in cold weather, think again. This year, it all takes place under one roof at the Caribe Royale Resort, Sept. 19-21, 2019. Learn more and register at…



2) Field Worker Security and Crisis Management Training

Crisis Consulting International (CCI) is offering field security training for Great Commission workers who travel, live or operate in higher risk environments, and crisis management training for faith-based organizational leaders to be prepared to manage crisis events that impact their Great Commission work. Both of these sessions will help individuals and organizations be better stewards of their workers.





1) To Understand Millennials, What if we All Read this Free Excerpt:

What if our entire Brigada family went to this link and read just the first chapter of the book, “Millennials and the Mission of God, A Prophetic Dialogue” by Andrew F. Bush and Carolyn C. Wason. Then, after reading, what if we commented our take on the free excerpt (pages 1-19). (Some of us might actually order the whole book!) Once we’re done, maybe we’ll have some helpful dialogue to understand not only how to relate to this young and daring generation, but how to help them change the world in which we live. : ) Will you accept the dare?



2019/04/14 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) To Understand Millennials, What if we All Read this Free Excerpt:
2) Field Worker Security and Crisis Management Training
3) Missio Nexus to Feature 70+ Presenters and 9 Workshop Tracks
4) Decision: Going to Give Todoist Another Try
5) Can a Data Projector Also be a Spy?
6) Get a Free Copy of Global Guardian’s Worldwide Threat Assessment
7) What To Do When You Live in the Places “Most Likely for Kidnapping?”
8) Do you Train or Coach Others to Raise Support? Then Don’t Miss This
9) Suppose You Were Hoping to Learn about Missions in Iceland…
10) Got an Idea to Publish in Brigada? It’s Easy.
11) New JoshuaProject Video will Stir Your Church/Team/Org to Pray
12) Are the Unreached “Waiting to Hear?
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: Ten Ways to Avoid Becoming a Missionary
15) Closing Stuff

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