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2019/04/21 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Revised First Edition of More Disciples Now Live on Amazon
2) What was Up with Last Week’s Edition of Brigada?
3) “Love Muslims” Launches May 5th
4) Try this Prayer Moment at Your Next Church or Group Meeting
5) How Do You Get Practical Training for a Media-Driven World?
6) Want to Teach English Overseas? Want to be Paid for it?
7) New ‘Stock’ Video Resource For Non-Profits
8) Missio Nexus to Sponsor 24-hour Event: “Risk Decision Making”
9) The GACX is a Where Discussions Can Increase Global Momentum
10) Number of Muslim children in UK doubles in a decade
11) Pick up Engaging Islam Weekend or Week-Long Seminar in Dearborn
12) Int’l Student Ministry Needs Bible Translation Recommendations
13) What’s Your Fave Note-taking “Grass-Catcher” App?
14) The Last Bit: Can You Help a Bible Translator with This Challenge?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Revised First Edition of More Disciples Now Live on Amazon

If you’ve been considering purchasing the new book, “More Disciples,” by Doug Lucas, there’s never been a better time. The Revised First Edition (available at first in print only; Kindle Revised First Edition version to follow soon) builds on the initial version by adding Questions for Discussion at the end of every chapter, as well as at the end of the book as a whole. Colleges and universities, as well as discussion groups and adult Bible fellowships, will find these questions useful for assigning homework, as well as for facilitating discussions during group meetings. This version also supplies other helpful tools not included in the first edition, like a complete list of sample “Shema” statements designed to act as “filters” for persons of peace (people who seem especially ready to discuss spiritual things and could influence others to do the same). Finally, this new Revised First Edition makes helpful tweaks in dozens of paragraphs to make the resource even more helpful for individuals who want to apply the material right away. When it comes to multiplying disciples, leaders, churches, and movements — getting started is sometimes the toughest challenge. “More Disciples” helps you figure out exactly how to start. Author and researcher, David Garrison (who wrote the Foreword), has said, “More Disciples addresses head on the fundamental question: What’s it going to take to bring the world to faith and discipleship in Jesus Christ? More Disciples takes the centuries-old-challenge and, through the grace of God, places it within our grasp.” Find the Revised First Edition in print at:


(Watch for the new corresponding Kindle version to follow shortly.) By the way, you could view the purchase price itself as a donation to disciple-making movements. If the book ends up making any money, all proceeds will go toward translating Zúme into other languages and sponsoring live trainings for believers in frontier situations, among unreached and unengaged people groups. The author makes nothing.)

2) What was Up with Last Week’s Edition of Brigada?

I’ve always heard that, if a government publishes a stamp with some kind of zany mistake, then that stamp becomes the most valuable of them all. Obviously, we wouldn’t want to read *every* Brigada upside-down. But last week’s edition should probably become a collector’s edition. It looked fine on the web. We initiative the publishing procedure just like we always do. (It’s a fairly complex set of automated steps utilizing the RSS feed so it publishes to your email automatically from the version appearing on the web.) The truth is — scout’s honor — we did everything exactly the same. But the result was, well, backwards! Item #15 appeared at the top of the email. One reader wrote, “Did you write this edition of Brigada from Australia?” : )


We’re working very hard to get to the bottom of this (to Item #1, I guess one could say. hahaha) But please just pray that *this* week’s edition ends up being written for the *Northern* hemisphere instead of for the folks down under.


3) “Love Muslims” Launches May 5th: 130 New “Pray for Muslims” Videos!

The folks at PrayerCast are asking you to take part in the most comprehensive and compelling Muslim-focused prayer resource the world has ever seen. Over the month of Ramadan, they plan to release over 130 new 4-5 minute videos, all designed to lead the Body of Christ in focused, strategic, passionate prayer for the Muslim world. Each video is led by a former Muslim who now follows Jesus! They’re rallying the Church around the world to join them in prayer each day during Ramadan. Take a look…


Invite, share and sign up. Here’s a sneak peak:


4) Try this Prayer Moment at Your Next Church or Group Meeting

On April 11 the Sudanese military ousted president Omar al-Bashir after 30 years in power. But the unrest started back in 2018, when protests over living standards and shortages led to calls for his resignation. Even now the upheaval continues, as many reject the military-led transitional council and call for a civilian administration.


This is yet another critical and fragile moment in Sudan’s history.


Conflict and war have been an almost non-stop reality for the Sudanese. Yet through decades of turmoil, the Gospel has spread, and the small Sudanese Church has matured through suffering.


Even so, most Sudanese remain Muslim. Over 50% have never heard of Jesus. And the nation remains less than 1% evangelical.

May this critical moment of transition open a door for the Good News of Jesus Christ to reach over 20 million Sudanese who have yet to hear it!


Get started today at…



5) How Do You Get Practical Training for a Media-Driven World?

Just watching videos does not give the experience and feedback that are crucial to learning a new skill. Mission Media U offers live online courses for church leaders and missionaries around the world. Foundations of New Media Strategy will help you develop a media strategy for expanding your reach to your target audience. This course starts on May 2. Find out more and register at:



6) Want to Teach English Overseas? Want to be Paid for it?

First, you have to be a native English speaker in your 20’s – early 30’s. AND you have to have a certificate to teach English such as: TELF, TESL, ESL, TESOL, CELTA. You’ll receive $1000/mo, paid cash in dollars each month (living expenses & health insurance total half this amount). The opportunity is for this Sept 1 – May 31 and you’ll receive free flights to & from Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia. You’ll also receive a furnished apartment with utilities (absolutely free!). But better apply soon. The deadline is April 30. For more information, contact Khabib Nagaev, the School Director, via email at…

KhabibdotNagaevatgmaildotcom  (KhabibdotNagaevatgmaildotcom)  

See images of the school at…




Looks fun! : )

7) New ‘Stock’ Video Resource For Non-Profits

Tim at Expat Media Pro has set up a website with the goal of linking up video editors in non-profit ministry with video creators who have traveled or live around the developing world and have already uploaded great content. He is looking for more videos to link to. If a video editor finds something they like, they just contact the video creator and make arrangements for use. Check it out at…



8) Missio Nexus to Sponsor 24-hour Event: "Risk Decision Making"

If you’re a leader and you’ve wondered how you’ll make decisions regarding risk analysis and crisis preparedness, this workshop is for you. The 24-hour gathering will examine in-depth the issues and challenges in the emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual preparation all staff need when facing global conflict. They’ll help you grapple with questions like, “How do we get all staff, not just “security” staff, to be more effective decision-makers in risk?

How do leaders apply risk assessment theory and know what to do to improve individual, team, and organizational decision making in cross-cultural risk? How do we assess staff in risk and what biases may be operating in their decision making? When facing overwhelming uncertainty, how do we know when we have enough information?” If these questions sound interesting, run, don’t walk, to …




to learn more and sign up for this May 9-10 event in Minneapolis.

9) The GACX is a Where Discussions Can Increase Global Momentum

Shouldn’t you be there? Every moment of the 2019 GACX Global Forum, Sept. 24-27 in Dallas, is designed to increase the speed and scope of discipleship-driven church multiplication by:


*** sharing ideas and opportunities

*** learning from others’ experiences

*** building intentional collaborations.


You can register today for “Compelled” using the early-bird rate at…



10) Number of Muslim children in UK doubles in a decade

The numbers don’t lie. One in 12 school pupils in the UK is now brought up in the Islamic faith. The 2011 Census there suggests that the Muslim population in England has risen by 75%. Some 30% of all Muslims in England and Wales are aged 15 and under. In at least one city, 80% of school pupils were described as being Muslim. London is being described as 34.5% Muslim, with large populations of Sylhetis and Somalis. See the origin of these stats at …




Our suggestion is — greet these stats with hearts that are prepared, open, and ready to share the person of Jesus. One way to learn how — see the next item (Item #11).

11) Pick up Engaging Islam Weekend or Week-Long Seminar in Dearborn

Perhaps you’ve heard of the conference, “Engaging Islam.” Perhaps you’ve wondered what it is. Well, there’s never a better time to go find out. Check it out at…




All the details are there — dates, times, fees, the works. A lot of our workers have taken this course and it inevitably prompts the worker toward greater boldness and initiative to enter into spiritual conversations with those they meet in the Muslim world. Betty hurry and sign up though. The conference is just a month away.

12) Int’l Student Ministry Needs Bible Translation Recommendations

An international student ministry team uses native language scripture with students interested in Bible study. They wrote this past week saying that they don’t always know the best choice though in some languages represented among the students. I admit — it seems like a very broad question to me, but they asked, “Can you make Bible translation recommendations in languages you have experience with? Important considerations:

1. Easily readable for the student.

2. Theologically sound translation.

3. Availability in both hard copy and a bible app. “

To me, it seems, like I say, impossibly broad – but … if you can answer questions like these, they’d love your input. Just email

ismatpoboxdotcom  (ismatpoboxdotcom)   if you’re willing to pitch in and help.

13) What’s Your Fave Note-taking "Grass-Catcher" App?

I (Doug) remember the first time I came across a computer application designed to help me remember all those loose items in life. “Who was the author of that book? What’s the name of that hotel in Paris that has a fantastic rate on an amazing room in the perfect location? Remind me which shuttle service we used in Bangkok. What are the names of all my neighbors?” I finally realized – this was the perfect reason that computers were invented: To help us search massive amounts of information and find knowledge. So when you think about all the applications you’ve ever seen that are perfect for that challenge, which one wins in your mind? I had been using Microsoft OneNote. But frankly, I’ve become interested again in Evernote lately. You might have another fave. Would you click comment and tell us briefly why?


Learn more about OneNote at…




Sadly, the OneNote we’ve all enjoyed (from Office 2016) is now being put out to pasture by Microsoft. Only this “app” in Windows 10 will survive. Rascals.


Learn more about Evernote at…




Both have free versions.

14) The Last Bit: Can You Help Ken (a Bible Translator) with This Challenge?

I have a friend who is a Bible translator. Let’s call him “Ken” (not his real name because he’s in a secure location). He’s working in Southeast Asia. He has received an assignment to speak (at the local fellowship he attends) on Acts 10 (extension of the gospel to the gentiles) on May 5. He’s hoping to share with his church some of the exciting things happening these days through disciple-making movement and church-planting movement (DMM/CPM) growth. As it is “the 3rd Sunday of Easter,” he’s considering using the theme “The Light Dawns” with the image of the “Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe” — that, even after Aslan rose from the dead, Life had to be brought to different parts of Narnia by his people.

He’d like to make the point that Acts 10 broke things open in a new way, a way that is continuing today via (among other things) DMM/CPM. He asked me not to spend more than a couple minutes on this — but I wondered… what if we asked for help from thousands of Brigada participants from around the world. Could you supply him with a couple of short stories (it would be super awesome if you could point to a picture on the web that goes WITH the story, but be sure to protect identities in secure places). In particular, he’s looking for stories which illustrate (small- or large-scale) social transformation as a result of DMM/CPM. Obviously, since the message is a week from Sunday, time is of the essence. Would you have a moment to copy and paste something into a comment? (Don’t forget to change names if needed.) Thanks for any help you can give. Just click “Comment” and feel free to share anonymously if you must. Thanks again!

15) Closing Stuff

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