2) What was Up with Last Week’s Edition of Brigada?

I’ve always heard that, if a government publishes a stamp with some kind of zany mistake, then that stamp becomes the most valuable of them all. Obviously, we wouldn’t want to read *every* Brigada upside-down. But last week’s edition should probably become a collector’s edition. It looked fine on the web. We initiative the publishing procedure just like we always do. (It’s a fairly complex set of automated steps utilizing the RSS feed so it publishes to your email automatically from the version appearing on the web.) The truth is — scout’s honor — we did everything exactly the same. But the result was, well, backwards! Item #15 appeared at the top of the email. One reader wrote, “Did you write this edition of Brigada from Australia?” : )


We’re working very hard to get to the bottom of this (to Item #1, I guess one could say. hahaha) But please just pray that *this* week’s edition ends up being written for the *Northern* hemisphere instead of for the folks down under.


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