3) In Our Ongoing Quest for the Perfect Task Manager… Clickup? : )

Well, Todoist was fun while it lasted. (laughing) Today we’re considering Clickup…




We’ve turned toward Clickup because it has custom fields, lets us rearrange the prioritization of a list manually through drag-and-drop, allows task dependencies, offers true Gantt chart views and insane hierarchies, and there are versions for everything — even Linux! Of course, sadness — it doesn’t have a true offline version yet (even the iPhone version isn’t really TRULY offline, although it will at least allow a person to create a task offline). But the GREAT news is — they’re evidently super-close to releasing this capability in an even more revved-up version 2.0 — VERY soon. There are zillions of integrations, it looks like it adapts well to teams OR individuals, and did we mention — it has custom fields… an unlimited number!! You better try this today. And no — it’s not related to buying groceries through the web at Kroger. : )

2 Responses to 3) In Our Ongoing Quest for the Perfect Task Manager… Clickup? : )
  1. Jonathan Parsons Reply

    You want to look at Remember the Milk. It’s similar to Todoist, but a little better.

  2. Editor Reply

    Hi Jonathan. It sounds like you’re a loyal fan to Remember the Milk. And we can BELIEVE that Remember the Milk is similar to Todoist. But have you compared RTM to Clickup?

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