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2019/05/12 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Free Initial Assessment during May (Mental Health Awareness Month)
2) What One Word Would You Use to Sum Up These Prayercast Videos?
3) “More Disciples” (the Book) Now Available on Audible.com
4) What’s Your Favorite English as a Second Language Curriculum?
5) What’s Your Take on BlessEveryHome and MappingCenter?
6) WhatsApp Users: Have You Been Surveilled?
7) You Must have Just About All Registered for Missio Nexus
8) Serious Training for Hard Places
9) In One of the Most Thorough Reviews, Christians “Most Persecuted”
10) What Will It Take to Grow Sustainable Resilience?
11) Tune in to the International Day for the Unreached.
12) New A. B. Simpson Biography
13) Media Seminars to Enhance Your Outreach (Slated for Perth)
14) The Last Bit: These Comments About Last Week’s Brigada…
15) Closing Stuff

1) Free Initial Assessment during May (Mental Health Awareness Month)

May 2019 is the 70th anniversary of Mental Health Awareness Month. So GRC is supporting efforts to bring awareness to the need by offering free initial assessments to global workers who complete an intake form during the month of May. Appointments are available now. All you have to do is complete an intake form at:




2) What One Word Would You Use to Sum Up These Prayercast Videos?

Let’s do a contest to pick out one single word that you would use to sum up all these Prayercast videos coming out daily. See the whole list of them with links by clicking to …




and scrolling down until you see the 30 or so videos listed. Just remember that on each of those pages, there are sometimes yet *other* videos which are equally gripping.


Once you’ve checked them out, please click a comment to give your one word. We’ll start with this word on our end:




(Just remember to pray as you watch.)


3) "More Disciples" (the Book) Now Available on Audible.com

Are you the type that you would rather listen to an oral retelling of a book rather than sit down to read it? Do you have blurred vision by the time you get home at night? Want to make better use of your 15-minute commute to work? Regardless of the case, we hope you’ll make good use of the new book, More Disciples, now available in audio form on Audible.com. In fact, Audible has teamed up with DMM training globally by agreeing to donate $75 for every new Audible customer that signs up at this link:




Let us repeat that one more time: If you’re a new Audible customer and you use the above link to sign up, you will pay the absolutely normal price for Audible. (In fact, we think you get the first month free.) But once you continue your membership (and become a paying customer), Audible has teamed up to sponsor future DMM trainings and/or the translation of the Zúme course (a web-driven online and in-life experience which ALSO trains participants in the very same DMM principles as in live trainings). If just 10 people sign up, they’ll contribute $750! And there’s no upper limit. (They must appreciate you, new customers.) And from what we understand, you get to listen to many (most?) titles on Audible.com at no extra charge. It’s… all you can eat oral-storytelling on steroids!


Or — you can just purchase More Disciples at the price they set. Any proceeds from the sale of the audio book (or the Kindle version or the print version) also go toward DMM trainings. Zero money goes to the authors personally. Learn more at…




More Disciples is published by WIGTake (“What’s it going to take?”), a publishing company launched by David Garrison. The purpose of the book is to help you figure out how to make and multiply disciples, groups (churches), leaders, and movements in the land(s) you love. It’s written by Doug Lucas, with an introduction and epilogue by Curtis Sergeant and the foreword by David Garrison.


4) What’s Your Favorite English as a Second Language Curriculum?

If you were going to go to North Africa and start a legitimate, real-deal institute for teaching English as a second language, what curriculum would you use? The couple who is asking already has a true Celta certificate. (Learn more about the Celta certificate here:


www.cambridgeenglish.org/teaching-english/teaching-qualifications/celta/ )


Are there packages of these deals? Or does one have to assemble them from scratch? Surely not.


5) What’s Your Take on BlessEveryHome and MappingCenter?

We’re guessing you’ve already seen…








Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been getting to know some of the people behind these sites. It’s actually rather amazing to see the deep-seated passion for Christ merged with tactical skill and vision. So what’s your take on what they’re creating? Can you imagine the day when we can take this kind of thing globally? Whoa. Give us your take. Can anyone see any possible downside in this? Can you briefly tell us a success story in using one of these tools at your church, outreach or org?


6) WhatsApp Users: Have You Been Surveilled?

Is nothing sacred? Just when much of the world had settled on WhatsApp as a communications medium of choice, largely because they all thought it would be more secure, well, … it’s apparently not. The BBC reported yesterday that hackers recently succeeded in remotely installing surveillance software on phones and other devices using a major vulnerability in the instant messaging and calling app, now owned by Facebook. Apparently, Facebook was fairly fast in rolling out a fix (last Friday), but the tech community was unimpressed because Facebook also (conveniently) failed to mention that it had even happened, even though they were aware of it. Apparently, the hack enabled perpetrators to read messages (and who knows what else) of the host phone from afar. Learn more at…




Honestly, we’ve never been that thrilled with WhatsApp. We hated it less once they began allowing us to use it without opening up the phone’s entire address book to the app. But we have a hunch that most people still do, because they probably aren’t aware that they don’t have to. As a result, all the contacts in your phone (if you opened them to WhatsApp) were conceivably available to the hackers in broad daylight. Ouch. (Thanks to Tina for bringing this news to our attention.)


7) You Must have Just About All Registered for Missio Nexus

…because they’ve just cited the outstanding earlybird registration momentum as being reason enough to *extend* the earlybird discount to Tuesday, June 4th. And why *wouldn’t* you want to register? Just about everybody else is going to be there, including speakers like of speakers including Dr. Jay Gary, Ed Stetzer, K.A. Ellis, Preshan De Visser, James Kelly, Andrew Brunson, and many others. Here’s our dare: Ask one of your peers… a missions agency CEO, a church missions leader, a mobilizer concerned about the nation, the point person at your agency home office who deals with finances and/or legal matters… just ask them. Say something like, “Hey — I’ve been hearing about this ‘Missio Nexus’ thing in Orlando. Are you going to that?” Honestly. Try it. Studies have shown that 3 out of 4 people you ask will say they’re already registered. So our question is — how do we encourage the remaining 25% in the midst of their feelings of being left out in the cold? Answer: Send them to this link:




(That big exhale-sound you’re hearing is a collective sigh of relief on the part of the final 25%, realizing that they can get the earlybird discount too.)


8) Serious Training for Hard Places

Registrations are being accepted for the Fall cohort of Studio Internship. Studio is a 3-month training experience for cross-cultural workers headed to the Muslim world. Emphasizing both hands-on outreach and practical training, Studio is for those eager for preparation in resilience and fruitfulness. Veteran field workers will coach and mentor you as you apply your learning in our community of practice. For information go to…




or write:

infoatstudioteamdotorg  (infoatstudioteamdotorg)   


9) In One of the Most Thorough Reviews, Christians "Most Persecuted"

It’s not as if you didn’t suspect it previously. But now, it’s statistically proven. In a thorough review of persecution throughout the world (complete with 344 footnotes alone), it seems that Christians are the ones most persecuted worldwide. There were a few exceptions and positive trends to smile about, of course. A law criminalizing conversion was overturned in Bolivia and the gravity of punishment in Egypt. But many developments were at least equally bad, if not worse. The two-year research project cites “the inconvenient truth” that many incidents of persecution are often glossed over and unwitnessed, therefore decriminalizing them before they even get to the courtroom, so to speak. Ultimately, the report estimates that 80% of those persecuted are Christians. Read the full review here…




10) What Will It Take to Grow Sustainable Resilience?

That’s the question/topic of an online class, Aug. 28-Sept. 11, and repeated again, Oct. 16-20 this year.  It’s a two-week CIT Next online course designed to raise awareness and develop perspectives and lifestyle choices that will increase resilience and keep cross-cultural workers true to their God-given calling. The course asks you to make an investment of 8-12 hours of learning time over the 15-day period. The next classes meet…


           Aug. 28-Sept. 11, 2019

           Oct.16-20, 2019


To sign up, just jump to…




(Thanks to Jenny for taking this class and recommending it to us!)


12) New A. B. Simpson Biography

As far as we can tell, this is exclusive news, breaking first right here on Brigada: At the end of this month, May 28 to June 2, at the General Council of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Orlando, FL , the new biography of “A. B. – The Unlikely Founder of a Global Movement” will be released. Written by veteran C&MA missionary author, David Jones, the book will be available online and through the Alliance website store. The book does a great job covering A. B. Simpson’s hopes that the C&MA could be a multicultural tapestry of collaborative risk-takers for the sake of seeing the Kingdom advanced. It will inspire anyone who reads it. Here’s a note about the conference where the book will debut. We look forward to learning more about how to order it once it’s launched.




13) Media Seminars to Enhance Your Outreach (Slated for Perth)

Youth With Mission Perth and Create International are running three consecutive Media Seminars this year starting in August for anyone who wants to develop their communication skills in order to enhance their mission or outreach. Each seminar is full-time for four weeks.

*** Documentary Filmmaking Seminar–starts August 4




*** Contextual Filmmaking Seminar–starts September 1




*** Photo Storytelling Seminar–starts September 29





createatywamperthdotorgdotau  (createatywamperthdotorgdotau)   for more information.


14) The Last Bit: These Comments About Last Week’s Brigada…

…would make a tremendous sketch for John Crist. You do know who John Crist is, right? He’s the comedian who thinks up stuff like this, both live and on YouTube:


So we figure… if he could just see some of these comments following one of these now infamous upside-down Brigadas. I mean — what in the world? Do Brigada participants think that we don’t *notice* that we’ve just sent the whole world an edition that is completely backwards? We *thought* about, last week, once we realized what had happened, sending a complementary *mirror* so that everyone could read last week’s issue without eye-strain. But it turned out that our email server was overwhelmed with all the extra bandwidth of all the attached mirrors. Here are just *some* of the really-true, honest-for-goodness feedback comments:


” 1st world problems, right?! :)” (I’m going to have to remember this person’s take on things. Grace. Grace. Grace. Grace. Grace. : ) )


” No biggie Doug! It’s kind of nice to change things up once in awhile.” (Who are they kidding?! : ) Talk about a grace-filled person. What author expects us to turn to the back of the book to figure out where to turn in the book??? What? : ) )


” You may have stumbled on to something, Doug!” (This person thought we were in the middle of a David-Letterman-esque countdown. 15-14-13-12..)


” no problem brother you are busy with the recording of the book” (Another grace-filled person. See item 3. He’s just picturing me in the back of some recording studio, trying to churn out Brigada in the dark. “Oops – I think we just did another edition upside-down.”)


“People don’t like change. But sometimes that change is the exact reason why people get more drawn in! I find the upside down Brigada episode a nice “break in the script”. No need for apologies. And thank you for all your hard work with this weekly newsletter. It’s been immensely helpful!” (Uh-huh. We learned later that this person is actually being hired by Zondervan to do a new book on turning catastrophes into complements.)


” It is not a big issue. I noticed it and just dropped to the bottom and worked my way up. I am glad to have the info upside down or right side up.”  (WHAT??? It makes me dizzy just reading his description of what he had to do to read the crazy edition!)


” No problem.  I am just thankful that you will publicize my stuff.” (Hah! Another optimist. Actually, he sent a picture of himself trying to read the email. He was standing on his head!!!) (joking)


One guy just gave up and wrote, “Unforgivable!” (At least this guy was willing to tell the truth.) : )


So for all those who *didn’t* write but *thought* about it, once again, please forgive  — and we hope like *crazy* it never happens again. : )


15) Closing Stuff

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