5) What’s Your Take on BlessEveryHome and MappingCenter?

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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been getting to know some of the people behind these sites. It’s actually rather amazing to see the deep-seated passion for Christ merged with tactical skill and vision. So what’s your take on what they’re creating? Can you imagine the day when we can take this kind of thing globally? Whoa. Give us your take. Can anyone see any possible downside in this? Can you briefly tell us a success story in using one of these tools at your church, outreach or org?


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  1. Jaime Reply

    I’ve been using BlessEveryHome for about a year to pray for my neighborhood. Every week I pray for the 12 homes around me. They send me a daily reminder. It has made me more personally aware to open my eyes to see the needs. And though I have not said anything to any of my neighbors about praying for them this way, my husband and I have seen them coming to us- sharing needs with us- asking our help. I think this is a direct result of our prayers. Love this resource because I am lazy and probably wouldn’t do it on my own!

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